Using Wordfence to Block IP's?

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Using Wordfence to Block IP's?

I recently had to disable my WPSpamShield plugin because it was causing problems on my website. Visitors were having difficulties leaving comments and also with submitting blog guest posts... I posted a discussion about that problem here when I was having it.

So yes that issue is now resolved but now I am having a comment spam fest on my website with that plugin disabled.

I found a plugin on my website called Wordfence and I can block IP's which is cool because I am getting comment spam bombed by the same IP's.

I am just wondering if me blocking those IP's will cause any damage to those IP's or those websites trying to gain links?


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So you are banning certain IPs from accessing your websites because they were spamming your comment section right? Well, as far as I know, you banning them will mean little to Google or for them as a whole to get more links on other websites.

On the other hand, if the plugin you installed memories IPs marked as spam and found them on other people's websites, then yeah, the plugin may add them to its spam list (if it has one) and future spamming from that IP will be blocked by default.
But the actual website that is spammed will gain no negative effect.

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Thanks Cristian, I was just wondering about this. There have been some IP's that were hitting me over and over again. It must be software or something going for me, but now I have installed a new spam plugin so those comments are going straight to spam now instead of in pending approval because I found that just so annoying and time consuming!

Oh I didn't know that there were plugins that have a spam list, that is interesting.

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It will consume more resource of your server if you only use Wordfence to block IPs. I would suggest to use htacess to block an IP or a range of IP instead.

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