Freelancers - Do you prefer to get your work done early or do you stagger it?

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Freelancers - Do you prefer to get your work done early or do you stagger it?

Hi Freelancers. When you have a lot orders on, and clients you have to work for and you're fairly busy for it. Do you try to get all of this done as early in the day as possible or do you prefer to stagger it out throughout the day and into the evening?

Sometimes I prefer to do most of what I need to do as early as possible. And then I have the rest of the day to do other stuff like promoting my services and getting new clients. I do work part time as well 2-3 days a week and sometimes attend meetings with various groups in my area. For instance, I'm volunteering as a computer helper at my local council office and helping old people (I should say Digital Eagles as they're AKA) lol. It's a good laugh though for an hour and I get to learn stuff as I go too lol.

Sometimes I also go for walks with a bunch of "star gazers". Don't laugh! Okay you can laugh but it's actually quite interesting and you can get to learn a lot about our solar system and the universe and stuff. There are several famous scientists and astronomers around here. Such as Sir Patrick Moore if you remember him? Although he is dead now RIP. Here's the diamond geezer back in 96'.
Freelancers - Do you prefer to get your work done early or do you stagger it?
Sir Patrick Alfred Moore pictured in 1996 with his cat Ptolemy.

In case you're wondering and are living in the dark! Sir Patrick Alfred Moore CBE, FRS, FRAS was an English amateur astronomer who attained prominent status in that field as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter.

He also used to have a TV show called Gamesmaster where people come on about a game they were playing and got stuck on a certain part and he would give them a solution for it as a sort of morphed computer cyborg games master lol. I remember Gamesmaster and I think it was that show that sort of made him "cool" and made astronomy cool with the younger generation so I think we owe him a lot for that.

In Memoriam - Typical Gamesmaster Show back in the early 90's.

Why am I telling you this? I'm just saying that sometimes I don't have the time to devote to my freelance duties and have to prioritize things. Some times I may be busy in the morning or have an engagement of some kind or something I need to do whether in or out of the house and during these times I can't devote any time at all to doing online stuff at all until I'm back and I'm free.

I can check new emails and orders and stuff like that on my phone. But I can't really do any work myself if I'm not on my PC. Although I can still outsource work fairly easily on my phone but I do the majority of the work for my clients, myself on my PC.

I prefer to get everything done as early as possible. But sometimes I'll stagger it out through the day and into the evening. In fact I can often be working long hours when I'm busy from the early morning into the well, the early morning. Sometimes!

It depends how busy I am. And if you're a really busy freelancer you'll be able to understand and relate to that too I'd imagine!?

I guess this all really depends on whether you have a day job and have a family and that and other "real life" things you may have going on for you.

But do you prefer to get your work done early in the day?

Or do you prefer to take a more casual approach and spread it out through the day?

Is there a time that you "officially clock off"?

Or is it a case of stay until the job is done?

I just wondered. Freelancers - Do you prefer to get your work done early or do you stagger it?



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I guess it really depends on the work load I have and what it consists of. If for some reason I have to build some automated twitter followers to a clients twitter profile I'll set that up and let it run for the month. But if they want a few thousand immediately then I'd run that as soon as they ordered lol.

If I'm working on some of my clients websites doing on page and off page optimization I'll begin the off page and on page at the same time so that they both work together as time goes on. These types of jobs take 25 to 30 days so this would be more of a daily task than a right away task that I can knock out quickly.

If I fall behind on work I'll usually bring in one of my awesome virtual assistants to help me with some things. I call him a virtual assistant but he's more of an employee at this point since he's the only person outside of myself and my business partner that I trust to log into our websites and edit some things. He'll get access to a clients website and edit whatever is needed in terms of on page optimization and I'll focus on the off page. Again, these aren't a quick job so it takes time.

Now if I don't have any monthly SEO clients I like to get as much work done as possible early on so I can focus on my own projects as well as go out to the park with my little girl when she's off of school Freelancers - Do you prefer to get your work done early or do you stagger it?

I guess it all really depends on if my little girl is in school or if it's summer break. During her summer break I'll get work done throughout the day because I can't just ignore her lol. When she's in school I'll work non stop between 8:30am and 2pm because she'll be at school and when she's out I'll work on and off because I like hanging out with her watching movies or her shows Freelancers - Do you prefer to get your work done early or do you stagger it?

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For me it depends what work I have on at the time, and also the type of work. In general I like to get things done as soon as possible. I like to clear my work agenda as fast as I possibly can while doing a great job of course.

When you have things finished early you have extra time to check your work and of course customers are always happier when they get their work earlier than promised!

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But do you prefer to get your work done early in the day?

When it comes to my day job I'm always a couple of days in advance with my tasks, sometimes even weeks. I prefer doing them early because, in case of unplanned worked, I'm free and won't mess up my deadlines because of this.

When it comes o freelancing I'm more chaotic. I Just do them when I get the chance and when I have the free time by trying to respect the deadlines. I really had a problem with late orders in the past, but recently I'm delivering all my services clean and on time.

PS1: Love the Snatch analogy!
PS2: when starting my freelance tasks:

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I am the kind of person that cannot focus unless I have completed other tasks, such as chores around the house etc. So I get rid of those as early as possible so as to devote the rest of the day to writing. The way I assign the workload for the day will depend on how many other things I need to see to, such as if there is an errand or an appointment, I will have less time available to write. So I like to plan a week in advance and assign work accordingly. So generally I stagger the work simply because it is almost impossible to see to it immediately.

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I always try to do my work as soon as I am commissioned to do the work. However, when I am busy I will be staggering it. I don't want to linger with my work, but I have to when I am very busy. For instance, I get a new work at a time when I am already busy with some work. I will not immediately start. I will find finish the job I am doing and then I will start on the new one. When I don;t have any work, I will start immediately, and when I am already busy, I will stagger.

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Not only in freelancing but also in the real world, it is my tendency to finish the work as early as possible. It's not a good habit to procrastinate. I know of some people who make a schedule of their work and they slow down when nearing to be finished with a lot of time to spare. I don't do that because for me, the sooner the work is done, the better. My mind is unloaded of the work's burden.

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I prefer to finish my work early or according to the agreed upon schedule, with a bit of allowance. I hate it when I'm time pressured, so I try to finish my online work as soon as I'm able to, with consideration to my other responsibilities of course, so it's all about scheduling things and sticking to my schedule.

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