Anyone have a love hate type of feel towards social media?

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Anyone have a love hate type of feel towards social media?

i spend a lot of time on the apps in my phone, I'm as guilty as anybody when it comes to playing on my phone all day. I feel like I have a sort of hate and love type of thing when it comes to social networks though . Sometimes I enjoy seeing what friends and family are up to and being able to see how everyone progresses through life on a day to day. I also feel as if sometimes social media can be a bit time consuming , I found that there have been so many times I have been distracted by looking at my phone and I've missed key things during the day. It probably falls on perspective and who you are as a person the way it could effect you, but I know I'm not the only one who's been distracted at the wrong time for being on social media scanning a timeline instead of paying attention to what's really happening . How do you feel about it? Could you agree?


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I've gotten to the point where social media annoys me, and I'll explain why in full details. In the beginning social media was about reconnecting with friends in your past, chatting with your friends, sharing your creativity, sharing your life events, etc. Now, social media to me seems nothing more than a platform for advertisers.

It annoys me to log into say facebook, and go down my wall to see a ton of ads that I am not interested in. Or to have your own friends reposting an advertisement. I despise ads, and this is definitely one of the major things I hate about social media. Another thing I hate about it is the "cool trends", or the posts that go viral.. I don't know why but it annoys me to no end. I don't often go on social media that often because of my love/hate relationship with social media.

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Everett is going to hate me because I am one of those people who only use social media to promote products and services. I don't see much value in using social media to connect with family and friends because there are other methods like the well know video calling platform and other communication methods. The reason social media is flooded with posts that are ads is only due to the massive membership size. If Facebook only had 10 members it would be fine and you would not have a ton of ads. Since they have a zillion members it is looked at by marketers as a huge distribution channel to get their message out for free or via the paid advertisements. I don't think it is possible to build a social media sharing platform and not have people trying to advertise. Even if you try and build into the system a way to block this type of activity there will always be people who figure a work around to ultimately game the system.

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I think I got no hate for social media because I'm not addicted to it.I mostly get in only to advertise and share my published post and that's it.

So I might not hate it because it not influencinv my life negatively.

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Yeah I do! I mean, I have a love/hate relationship with social media. What I love about it is how effective it can be for getting your message out there about your new or existing business. It's new or existing products/services. How it can be your bread and butter and help you to make money to put food on the table and pay the bills. Imagine if there was no social media sites. Sure we'd be doing other things to compensate. Probably the same old things we used to do like forum marketing, blogging, link building, advertising etc etc.

What I hate about it is how it's getting harder and harder to do just that. That it's not as easy to tap into as it used to be. That it can require a lot of work. A lot of leg work. A lot of posting work, scheduling and such and such. Although there are tools that can help you with this now like Hootsuite etc. All of them still require some additional work which can be a bit of a time suck.

But that's just part of it. Because nothing worth having is ever easy to come by!

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I used to love social media and I could get caught up in it big time. Now I mainly use social networks for work and not really for anything personal. I find that I do have a love hate relationship with social media.

Social media is a vital part of my online marketing but I find it takes up a lot of time and energy that I don't really feel like giving all the time. I also find that there is a lot of BS on social media which I find quite annoying.

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I've gotten to a point on which I develop some type of "allergy" of people who basically interest with the world through their mobile phones!

I mean, has anyone been to a concert lately? EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is filming EVERYTHING with their own phones, that's simple plain out retarded in my book. Just look around!! With your eyes!! The brain has this thing called memory and you don't really need an SD card for that.

People should learn to disconnect and just enjoy certain moments! No point if filming something that already is filmed by everyone and is also going to be on freaking youtube, I bet my life most of them will never gonna watch that video, ever, but yeah.

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A few years ago I loved Facebook especially. It was awesome. Nowadays, I can't stand a second on it. I do still use it but only with my business account. I never log in to facebook with my personal account. The main reason is because all the BS posts my friends share. Seriously, I hate it. - I don't care what you had for breakfast. I don't care if you've gained weight or not. - I don't want to see your photos from your workout, 11 times per week. - Enough is enough. Unfortunately, I'm more or less alone feelings this way. None of my friends feels the same way. Not my girlfriend either. - And I don't use it to play games either. I never liked any of the games on FB.

Steemit on the other hand, is used frequently.. but it's due to 3 things. Personal improvements, improved writing skills and money. - I still hate "crappy" content like breakfast pictures.

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I am not much of a fan of social media. Yes, like any other person I am curious if someone got married or had a baby, but I don't really care about the mundane stuff that they post, or silly comments. I think it is mostly valuable if you are interested in certain news, or to connect with people whom you barely ever meet due to living far away from you, or childhood friends. But for many people social media is like a diary where they have to list whatever they did, and share every single photo they took even if it is simply dumb. And that is annoying!

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I feel nothing bad about the social media no matter how we tend to show our dislike for it. I mean it is all about self-discipline and trying to manage the number of hours we spend on the internet on social media that matters. I have been using Facebook for the past 6 years and I don't think it has made me lose any important thing that I needed to do at a particular time

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When I first created my Facebook account, I was not active into it. I would check on Facebook maybe one a week or once every 2 weeks. And there was a time that I stopped going to Facebook because I was so busy with my job. But when a close relative went to the US, I remember her and her family telling me that they will see me in Facebook, that made me think. All right, perhaps I should be a little active with social media because it is my connection to people. Yeah, it is my network of relatives and friends.

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