Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.

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Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.

Hey everyone,

I recently had a friend message me saying that one of his friends works for a company who is looking for everything from project managers, to programmers, to SEO specialists (Meeee!!!!! lol) and that I should apply if I needed some extra cash. Now this extra cash isn't minimum wage, or a little higher, it's actually a salary position at a multi million dollar company and I'd be able to work from home after I get the position, so that was pretty intriguing Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.

So I looked through the job openings and the one that fit me best was for the search engine specialist where I would basically be working with their wordpress websites and optimizing them for the search engines. I think all that I would have to do is the on page optimization, so that's pretty easy but can be time consuming.

I was going to upload my resume to their application process but there was also an option to copy/paste my resume and I had the idea of setting up a website resume to show my skills Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.

Now since I'll be working with their wordpress clients I knew exactly what I was going to do.

  • Buy a domain with "ResumeOf" and then my first and last name in it. Example:
  • Buy a premium wordpress theme that was set up as a resume.
  • Set up a hosting plan through the company I always use.
  • Get a logo made for the theme.

Now I've gotten everything but the logo made because that takes some time, a few days most likely.

I'll be able to use my resume website as a type of pitch as to why this company should hire me to do all the on page optimization work that is needed. And since I'm setting up a wordpress website as my resume it will show that I know exactly what to do with their clients websites instead of them looking over some text in a resume and then having to meet with me 1 on 1. Now I'm sure I'll have to go in and talk with them since they'll need me to sign some documents if they do decide to hire me. But by doing this it shows I can think outside of the box and that I'm not a beginner Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.

Have any of you done something similar to this to get a full time job or freelance job?


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Buy a domain with ResumeOf

Great stuff Raz sounds great. I've been looking into starting a resume creation site after doing a post on up and coming and new trending Infographic Resumes. It's funny but it's just an example of how doing one thing that can seem completely monotonous at first can spark an ideal for something that is just a seed and can turn into a massive oak tree of an ideal later on down the line at another date.

Not sure I follow this part though for "Buy a domain with ResumeOf". Was that a typo? Or there is some website/business called "ResumeOf" that you can buy a domain name from?

As for the logo. Man, you can just knock a quick one up using some free online logo creation sites. Admittedly someone else might be using something similar. With a similar shape/icon or whatever. Or you can just make a simple but effective looking on in Photoshop or something. Or even just pay someone a fiver on here or somewhere to do it for you. That will take several days though unless they're really fast! Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.

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Well the "ResumeOf" will go in front of your name. I should of used my name as an example lol Setting up a resume website to land more jobs.


You can also go with a different format like this...
But I prefer the first way because I don't want someone typing in my name wrong since there's an extra "S" on Razzy. So www.ResumeOf (your name here).com would work best.

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This is a great idea I like this a lot!

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I love this, it is certainly modern and unique. The way I see things everyone should have a website whether you work online or not, like you say you can set up a resume online, you can also add your projects so that you have an online portfolio. Every time you work at a new place you can add new information and skills. I love this idea of having an online presence.

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Let us know if you got the job Razzy! That's a really great idea and I think potential employers can be really impressed by such an act, shows your skills and the fact that you went to a lot of trouble to stand out.

I had something similar a while ago, the only difference being I expanded more into the portfolio aspect of the resume, I think you should definitely include a portfolio section also. After all, you can enumerate past jobs and a bunch of skills on LinkedIn also.

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I have recently launched my website. The primary purpose of launching this website is to showcase my portfolio and offer my services. The website is still under construction, however, when the final version is available, the website will provide links to my other websites and blogs, will showcase my amazon books, provide a detailed portfolio and list my services.
In the meantime, if anyone is interested, you can check this out.
Vinaya Ghimire

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The resume is very important for one who is into business or looking for a job. I am a bank employee for more than 30 years and I don’t remember my most recent resume anymore since I don’t apply for jobs. But I understand that I will be needing my resume for freelancing that someday, especially when I go full time, I will present my resume to get better offers.

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