Ok Google Commands on Android Phones

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Ok Google Commands on Android Phones

Ok so after I noticed more and more people are using Voice Search I defiantly needed to check everything out myself. As you know Google uses...well "Ok Google" and IOS are using Siri.
Both "virtual assistants" are really good but I only used Android on the long run so I'm going to focus on Google Now app.

I can search stuff in Romanian, Google Now understand the language but it doesn't yet speak it or understands Romanian based commands. So I have to use English.
Maybe is my accent or something but I never manage to turn on Google Now in the first try. I always have to repeat at least a second time "Ok Google!" and apparently yelling at the phone doesn't happen.

Ok Google Commands on Android Phones

I'm also struggling on memorizing all the commands. Some are pretty simple and I do use them such as: Open a certain app, Set alarm for, Note to self.
The most used command is the "Call" command, especially when I'm driving. All I need to say is " Ok Google, Call Waifu" and its calls my wife, all I have to do is turn the speaker on, though I would like a way for Google to do that for me, I don't really want to touch the phone when I'm driving, that's the whole point of a voice command. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know!

Other cool commands I use: "Who is"; "How old is"; "Show me pictures of"; " Show me nearby attractions".

Are you using Google Now? What commands to you used the most?


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I tried using verbal search a few days ago just for fun and let's just say that from what I experienced there it just did not work at all.

Maybe I was doing it wrong but I can't see that working well for me. I am interested in the call option so maybe I will try an Ok Google Command for that and see how it works.

Maybe it is not your accent because I am English and it was a mess. Yes I also have an accent but I do think I pronounce things properly. Surely Google must account for the different English accents?

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Yes, I know for sure they have South Africa accent, you can choose the language in settings.

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