Edit or remove Google My Business?

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Edit or remove Google My Business?

I'm having big problems with one of my client's Google business card search results.
Here are the details: Client changed its business name and business location as well as everything in between.

When Google search its new company name, the old company name pops up with the search with an information card like the one below:

Edit or remove Google My Business?

The image above its just an example. So, apparently, you can't really delete this kind of information, you can only mark that the business is "permanently closed" but will still pop up in the search results.

So from my point of view, best thing I can do it to edit the current card. But how can I do that? My clients don't remember creating a Google My Business account. What should I do? I've tried to ask Google grant me ownership but apparently I need the "owner's acceptance".

Please allow 7 full days for the current owner to evaluate your request and respond. If the current owner hasn’t responded to you directly within 7 days, you can reply to this email and we’ll take additional steps to follow up. Please know we won’t be able to help you with your request before the 7 days have passed.

Anyone here been throw something similar? Oh yeah, after implementation I want to have that 5 star rating visible, how do you make that work?


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Oh well I just changed my business address and details easily in Google My Business because I completely forgot about it. My business moved premises and changed phone numbers last year but I never changed anything with Google. I have just done that now but of course I didn't change my company name. I have no idea how to do this, the only options that came up for me was Address, Phone Number and Business Category.

And business category was crazy, I could only make myself a Marketing Consultancy LOL. There was no option for Online Marketing or Blogger... which is insane because there were even options for Escort Agencies LOL

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