Providing discounts to your customers

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Providing discounts to your customers

Do you think it is a good idea to provide discounts to your customers after you completed their orders?

I personally think this is a good idea because they will more likely to come back if they can get your service for cheaper the next time. I know real life companies that do that; for example, WH Smith gives you vouchers after you purchase something from them valid for a period of time. If you add an expiry date, then they will more likely purchase your voucher again earlier so I think this is a very good idea. These incentives may mean you gain less profit but at the end of the day you will gain more customers and most importantly happy customers because they will feel like they got a good deal and as long as you provide good quality services, they will be a repeat customer for a very long time.

Do you offer vouchers to your customers after you complete their order? Does this increase your sales from past customers?


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Customer rewards! Yes! Depending on the client, the service purchased, how things have gone, I sometimes offer my buyers a discount code for the same service. I'll tell them and give them a discount code when I deliver the service. Or if I haven't and I've delivered it and it's been a day or two with no response from the buyer to rate and complete the order. I'll give one then as though they was waiting for it as I think some people expect it. Plus I do say in some of my services that I give discounts to repeat buyers and reward their repeat purchases so that the more times they buy the service the cheaper it becomes for them. So I'll give them a discount code that gets them 10% off the service on their next purchase and tell them after this, the next discount code they get will get them 20% off and so on up to around 50%. And some of my clients make full use of that! Although I don't get the same amount of money, as I would without a discount, I still make a sale and it's still money coming in (cash flow). It's all about the cash flow! Cash money dolla dolla bills!

So yeah I do offer discount codes to my repeat buyers both when I deliver the order, and or if not, several days after I've delivered it if they have not responded in it to say thanks or anything. I'll politely ask them to rate and complete letting them know that their satisfaction is of the most importance to me and to tell them I value their business and give them a discount code. Try and butter them up a bit! This works for about 50% of the time as usually most people will respond and do that and rate/complete the order and then order again using that discount code. Where as some people might not and don't seem to want to rate and complete an order for mysteries unknown but that's fine as long as it's delivered it can just sit there and complete on it's own. It doesn't mean they wasn't happy or that they wont buy again.

Bottom line is, discount codes work for rewarding customer loyalty.

Who doesn't like to use a discount code? Providing discounts to your customers
Providing discounts to your customers

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Hell yeah Providing discounts to your customers

Coupon codes and vouchers are definitely a good thing to give out to your customers. You won't make as much as you did on the original sale, but you have to look at it as a sale that you wouldn't have gotten in the first place if you didn't give out the discount code Providing discounts to your customers

I've done this with some of my clients, I'll usually cherry pick the ones that are nice and I'll offer them a discount code that they can give to a friend or they can use it on a different website that they own. I usually don't let them use it on their own website because I try to tie them into a 1 year contract at a fixed price per month. Now if they sign up a new website or have a friend sign up, I will give the discounted price each month for the 1 year contracts Providing discounts to your customers Again, I wouldn't have gotten that sale in the first place so I don't get bummed when I make a smaller profit Providing discounts to your customers

For ecommerce type websites I'll usually send out a discount code a few days or a week after the client received their item. This way they have time to wear the clothing, play with the gadget, or just have their hands on whatever they bought from me. Then they'll get the discount code and if they did like what they bought the first time they'll usually come back and buy something else if they can afford it Providing discounts to your customers

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We were discussing about improving sales by using coupon codes and there is big advantage for sellers who looking to improve sales, but also to reward new or old / returning customers.
Here you can findout more regarding this topic: How to boost sales with coupon codes

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I think this is a brilliant idea. If I receive a service that I am really happy with and I am keen to use again I will be over the moon to receive a coupon for my next purchase from that customer.

Whether I use that coupon or not makes no difference really. Often I won't use a coupon simply because I don't need to order within that time frame... but the point here is not the saving the point is that I feel loyal towards someone that has given me a great service and then given me a coupon.

So yes I recommend this very much!

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I never thought of that! That is really a good idea, I will offer this next time, especially for clients that were super nice and supportive and they give me a positive review. It would be nice to just PM them saying "thanks a lot for the order and the review, here is 30% voucher next time you want to order from me" - I actually think I'll get a lot of them back for more.

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Providing discounts can be a great way that sellers and promoters of a product to get the customers to buy from them over a period of time. One thing is that consumers are looking for ways to keep enjoying such discounts, so doing so will help increase sales as well.

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Giving discounts is one way of establishing goodwill to your customers. That’s the principle of Chinese businessmen that you don’t mind the profit, what you should mind is the reaction of your customers. If they are happy, they will come back and if not happy then you know what to do. A discount is a decrease in profit that sometimes it is even more than the profit which means you have sold a product with a loss incurred. But that’s fine as long as the customer will be coming back for more. And you can earn on the next time he buys.

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