buying solo ads is bad or good

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buying solo ads is bad or good

buying solo ads from experienced sellers that sell solo ads very expensive is profitable and can be return your investements?


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If they're experienced in selling solo ads it doesn't mean they are good solo ads buying solo ads is bad or good

You'd have to find the right people who are selling them and they can't sell many of them at the same time. This would increase the price of each solo ad exponentially so you're right on that end. You're not guaranteed a single sale so it could be a high risk if you don't have a steady stream of income buying solo ads is bad or good

Some solo ad sellers will sell each one for $10 to $20 and get hundreds of orders. But do you really think the people on the other end of that ad are going to go over your information when they see it if they've already been hit with 99 ads before you? Probably not lol buying solo ads is bad or good

So if you want to get into using solo ads from credible sellers you'll need to be cautious because you can never really tell if they are good or not. I've bought a few for $100+ and they were complete garbage because I soon found out that the ad spot was sold a few dozen times. Each time the ad spot is sold it lowers your conversions, which sucks because sometimes you don't even make your money back.

Do your background research first before you buy. Ask a lot of questions and make sure that the seller is credible and isn't selling 100 different spots because that will only hurt your bank account. If the seller gets annoyed with all the questions, don't buy. Getting annoyed just shows he's not professional and if you try to get your money back after you realize it's a sh*tty service, he or she will go MIA and you won't get a refund unless you went through paypal and file a claim right away. And even then it could take a few weeks for you to get your money back buying solo ads is bad or good

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I don't know too much about solo ads, I have never even tried them but the way I understand it is that it can be really risky. Like Razzy said you just don't know whether you will make your money back from it.

I would personally rather spend my money on Google Adwords, Bind Advertising or maybe even Facebook ads because I have the control of that and I can see what I am getting for my money.

I think a lot of solo ads are just spam style and this does not appeal to me at all as a way of advertising.

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