SEOClerks isn't the greatest, but it can still be used for certain niches.

Write the reason you're deleting this FAQ isn't the greatest, but it can still be used for certain niches.

Now I hear all the time " is a pointless metric to evaluate your website with" but I don't use it for MY website isn

The only reason I'll use alexa is because I'm trying to find good advertising spots. If you're like me and you're in the SEO and Online Marketing niche, it's a good thing to check when you are thinking about buying an ad spot on a random website.

Why? Because the people who are more inclined to download the alexa toolbar are the ones who own websites isn If they own websites then you can sell to them isn

Now you're saying "Well not everyone will download the alexa toolbar and some websites will be better than others to advertise on even if their alexa rank isn't as good" that's true, but use every metric you can before you purchase an ad spot. I'd rather advertise on a website that has a 10k alexa rank than one with a 500k or higher alexa rank. They could be getting the same amount of traffic, but the one with the 10k ranking will be better for SEO and Marketing companies to advertise on since the users are more likely to purchase your services.

I've done plenty of research on websites to try and figure out if they are worth the money to put up an ad. Some pan out very well and others are complete flops. But the ones with the higher alexa rankings tend to be a little better for me than the others isn

Now this really only applies to anyone like me who is in the same field and not someone in the plumbing, comedy, video game, and any other niche. Well you could probably do this with web design, but you may not get as many sales isn

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Thanks Razzy, when I first started working online I was told that Alexa ranking is really important but I couldn't quite figure out how and why.

So yes I can see that perhaps there is not much to it unless like you say you are in the SEO and online marketing field. I have a website about online marketing and making money online but it is just my little blog so I don't think it will grow into something quite like you have. Do you think I should bother at all with Alexa metrics for that website of mine?

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I actually had a friend of mine get a phone call and the person on the other line used as an example of how my friends SEO work isn't stacking up isn But he knows better to keep a conversation going like that and knows enough about SEO because he asks me every single damn question that comes through his head about online marketing lmao isn

Do you think I should bother at all with Alexa metrics for that website of mine?
I wouldn't bother with it. If you're looking for ad spots like how I did, then you can use alexa. But you shouldn't worry about your rankings on there because it's solely gaged by who has downloaded the alexa toolbar and not all your traffic.

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I'm slowly begging to ignore the alexa rank. Sure it's a great metric to figure out how good a website's ranking potential is but the most important feature is figuring out how much potential traffic a website gets though that has becoming more unreliable.

I even tried the alexa paid version, quite recently, it didn't impressed me at all, for a paid tool, I was expecting a lot more!
The best tool to figure out how much organic traffic a website gets, its ahrefs in my opinion since it shows what keywords that websites ranks for as well as the potential traffic the website might get depending on the rank, it actually makes a brand share of voice calculation and I won't have to do it manually.

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Alexa is the standard when it comes to ranking on the basis of traffic. I usually check on the Alexa ranking when I am investigating a site. The ranking somehow gives me an idea if the site is good or not. I don’t think you can discount the benefit that we get from Alexa even if you have alternatives for that purpose. Take for instance the number 1 website in the whole of the internet you can only learn it from Alexa.

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