what to do with buyer wont accept cancellation

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what to do with buyer wont accept cancellation

some buyer always to bother me and asked me to do something i never offer i give him cancellation request and he not accept it what to do i contact support still no response yet


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Well, there must be a reason why they don't want to accept the cancelation. It can only be for so many reasons. Have you asked them why it is (in polite terms) that they don't want to accept your cancel request? He either doesn't want to cancel because he wants the work doing or doesn't want to cancel because he wants to leave his feedback/rating. If you haven't done any work for him/her, and you've requested to cancel the order. And he keeps rejecting your cancel request (Why am I having déjà vu?) and you've opened a ticket about it. Just leave it. Staff will look into it and then force cancel it for you. They will always reach a fair and amicable decision for the best of everyone involved.

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How could someone buy from you something that you don't offer??? I really don't understand! After all even if that could happen, you can reject order. So what is real problem here?

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I don’t understand, how can someone order a service from you and then requiring something extra/else from that service? It has no sense, because all services have their description and it won’t make sense if they will order “1K facebook likes” and then asking for some “youtube shares” from the same order(just an example).

If you haven’t delivered that order yet..the right thing to do is to contact with support team.

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When a buyer orders he does so through a service. Now you said that you do not offer the service he is requesting, so I assume that this buyer probably misunderstood what you offer. In that case you should have checked the order as soon as it was submitted and you had 24 hours to cancel it, considering that you seem unable to cater for whatever this buyer requested. This is a better alternative than asking for a cancelation. I am not sure if I understood you fully though because the question was not worded very well. Maybe you could specify what service you offer and what the buyer wanted.

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Best option to approach buyer for mutual cancelation If buyer asked with you extra work Out of your service description, then you can send mutual cancelation request or if buyer denied this then you can contact customer support with proof. support team will help you sure. thanks

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yeah now admin cancel the order after the support she even not checked the problem i contacted again the support they know the probelm and cancelled the order , that buyer was well known dishonest buyer here

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Well, to be honest, I also had such clients. They ordered my services, seem to be fine with everything but as soon as I delivered they started demanding a lot more than I offered in my service description.

My first response if to get angry but I sometimes try to be professional so I usually offer them a free cancellation and I don't demand any payment. But some of them just don't want to cancel the mutual request! Can't be really frustrating and I understand where sanfora is coming from...
If he doesn't want to cancel and you can't offer everything he wants, maybe its just better to contact support and submit a ticket.

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It is seems unacceptable service,
Do you offer what Service?
It is probably misunderstanding between you and him, you must tell clearly about what your Service

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Hi sanfora thanks for your question. I think all buyers are not same. Some are very restricted. it does not matter if he restricted. But if he need out of service, what you did not offer, you must to contact with buyer and tell him I do not offer such service which you expect. And if he do not response him or try to ignore your message. Than you can request to him for cancelation. If buyer does not accept your cancelation request, you can contact with support team for all your issue. And I am sure staff will take action which really need to be. Wait until response by staff.

Regards by Ajlancer

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