What should I do when I need more time for the incomplete job ?

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What should I do when I need more time for the incomplete job ?

I have got an order from a buyer, the total delivery time was 9 days. but after 7 days I felt that I need some extra time . I updated the order page & requested more times for the order . But the buyer is not responding . any ways what should I do now ? and I am not delivering this order because of : I had some infractions like, I was delivered order and the order was not completed.
Anybody can help me ?

Thanks in advance.


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Actually sir their is a button on your seoclerks order that allows you to request more time. What you have to do is trigger this by clicking the tab and giving the buyer a good solid reason on why he should allow you more time to complete the order. Below i have a picture showing this tab.

What should I do when I need more time for the incomplete job ?

If you find yourself needing more time more often than not, then you need to adjust your delivery time of that service accordingly.

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To be honest, if the buyer is not responding he may not care enough to update you lol. Funny as that sounds, some people just place the order then forget about it. They know it's probably going to get done and then delivered to them. They may have possibly checked out your previous ratings, saw that some people were happy with your service and then just ordered, left you the required details then went about his or her day. And tbh based on that, I wouldn't bother requesting more time. The best thing to do is just post an update in the order, let them know the progress of it, how far along you are and when you'll likely be complete. Give yourself a little more time than you think it will take, then just try to deliver it before you said you would just to make it look like you've worked harder on it for them. The service can run late for quite a while. It will just say late on your sales page. But it wont really effect anything by delivering a late order. So just give him/her a quick update, tell them you are working on their order still and that you'll deliver it as soon as you're finished soon and then do so. Chances are this buyer wont leave you a rating for it though. If they're the type not to update you in the order from your update they are probably the type that doesn't really care about all that as long as you do what your service says it will do and deliver it to them in some sort of fair time.

And you shouldn't deliver someone's order if it's not complete dude. That's just wrong on any and every level. Although I don't know the full story behind it and perhaps you may have made a mistake? But staff would have took the right action based on the evidence they had. They are very fair and always reach a decision that is the best one for the best of the community on a whole.

But you are lucky. They could have just banned you? But instead decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself! Staff obviously value you and see potential in you to change and improve. The infraction is given for a reason and will give you time to think about what you've done. To realize it was wrong and that there's no call or even need for it on a professional marketplace like SEOClerks.

Here's some famous wise words to live by.

  • Never smack a gift horse in the gob.
  • Never bite from the hand that feeds you.
  • Treat people how you want to be treated.
  • Karma is real living woman and she's thorough.

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Hi soundcloud01 thanks for your question. I think you already do best one like request to buyer to make more extra time. But buyer do not response to you. Did you contact buyer by inbox? If no, contact with him via inbox and wait for him what he wants to do? or, if buyer does not come on online, you have nothing to do for extend deadline. And I think you should try to deliver order as fast as possible even deadline exceed. But, never try to deliver order without task complete. If you do so, you must get restriction or ban.

So, best suggestion contact with buyer and tell him your problem and request to extend more time.

Regards by Ajlancer

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The buyer would have received an email letting him or her know that there is a message on the order if you asked for an extension of time.

If the buyer has not responded then I wouldn't worry much about it. Just carry on with the order and send it when it is ready.

I've seen so many questions from sellers regarding buyers that don't respond, some order and pay and don't even give the information for the seller to get started.

These things are out of your control, you have done what you can do so I wouldn't worry about it.

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Here is what I would do: I would deliver the incomplete work as it is with the mention I will add the rest as soon as I finish.
Right after that I would work hard and fast to complete everything. I would also deliver the rest of the order in the order page as a plain response message.

If the buyer doesn't respond maybe you'll get lucky and finish everything before the client even review your order. When he'll get back you would have delivered everything you promised.
I did this a couple of times and I never had a problem, some buyers are more relaxed and patience than others.

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Since the time you sent the buyer the message to extend the deadline, did he go online?. If not he was not aware of your request. So i suggest you keep working on the order because the sooner you fin ish it the better. And here are 2 very important suggestions:
1. Never submit an order unless it is completed.
2. Try to set a completion time in the service settings that takes into account occasions such as this when you needed more time so as to avoid asking for time extensions if possible.

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