What to do with my new domain name?

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What to do with my new domain name?

Last weekend I had a few drinks at my local, then on the way home I bumped into my friend and subsequently went back to his for a few tacos and a couple shots of tequila (he's Spanish). I'm not a big drinker, I'll probably have about 10 pints total in a whole year. So I was a little bit merry to say the least lol.

Anyway when I got back home, I was doing some domain research, mainly trying to create a domain name that I could use to create a portfolio site on. Somewhere where I'd be able to list out my services that I provide on here, and a place I could blog about freelancing stuff and all that malarkey!

Well after a while, I came up with this domain name, which is sort of an amalgamation of my name and the SEOClerks name.

NOTE: Currently it just redirects here using my affiliate link.

At the time I was like, okay seems fine. Then I went to bed. Then I woke up in the morning and remembered what I'd done and had that "after morning regret" if you know what I mean!? Now I'm looking at the domain and thinking, what on earth was I thinking!? But I'm not totally disappointed in it, I still see some value and potential in it.

My name "idealmike" was sort of created because I deal in freelancer services. You can think of my as a freelancer dealer. Dealing out freelance services. Plus I wanted to be an "ideal seller" on here for all buyers.

At the time of registering it, I pushed the boat out a bit and registered it for 3 years with SSL and premium DNS. Just for that extra ranking effect.

But now I'm wondering what to do with that domain. What to build on it. Whether to put WordPress on it and add my services to it, or more expensive services that are in the SEO category here or just one of the SEOClerks affiliate store scripts perhaps?

I guess I could still use it as my portfolio site, or an affiliate site. Or a kinda all-in-one portfolio and affiliate site perhaps.

I think I'm probably going to go that route with it. Just for a poke.

But if you have any ideas or suggestions I'd be glad to hear them! What to do with my new domain name?

What do you think I should/could do with it?



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A portfolio site is definitely a good thing to do if you have multiple websites running under the same business name or you are a web designer.

I need to set up a portfolio website, but I'm afraid to do that because it will link all of my websites together under one domain name lol What to do with my new domain name? I guess it would be ok if I only put the websites I don't really care about on my portfolio website. Like my news websites which will never get a penalty (hopefully) because everything I do for them is purely whitehat (kind of lol).

Ionicware has a portfolio type website that shows some of their current businesses and I like how it look a lot.
The Ionicware site:

The design is very clean and simple for anyone to browse around.
There's no marketing on there to try and increase conversions.
It gets right to the point telling you how many users there are as well as services.

I really like what they did because when you show someone your portfolio website it's like handing out your business card in a digital way lol What to do with my new domain name?

I was actually looking up portfolio and resume type themes for wordpress last year to do something like this, but I never pulled the trigger. Maybe the trick is to go have a night on the town and eat some tacos then drink a few shots of tequila lol What to do with my new domain name?

Everyone should have a portfolio type website if you have a lot of websites, but if you're worried like myself, it's difficult to put your websites all on one page and link them together for Google, Yahoo! and Bing to see lol.

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Yeah Ioinicware is a brand and SEOClerks is like a subsidiary franchise of Ioinicware. It is clever they way they've done that with the main Ioinicware site. But the business plan for Ioinicware was nothing but pure brilliant genius from the start let's face it! What to do with my new domain name?

Maybe that's the right step in the right direction. Branding yourself as a business with a business name. And then from that, branching out and franchising with subsidiary sites that are all part of that same brand. Rather than going with EMD's and keyword friendly domains. Something like ;)

And yes! If you are ever mulling something over you know you need to do. Go and have a few hearty beers at your local, down a few tacos followed by several series of tequilas and it's guaranteed as good as done! LOL What to do with my new domain name?

I think I'll develop this at some point with some content and services and that on it. But it's still back to the old drawing board for now! Now who's up for a pint? What to do with my new domain name?

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LOL Mike well I can't have any pints to get my creative juices flowing unfortunately. I kinda like the domain name you got. It makes me think of a dealer. Why not use it to promote some of your favorite SEO sellers and you can be their dealer?

Yes I agree that you need a portfolio website, definitely. I would love to have a look at your portfolio, simply because I like stalking people I respect in the online marketing field.

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3 years with SSL and premium DNS

HAHA! That's why I stay away from the PC when I'm over 2 beers and still going. Made a couple marketing decisions when I was tipsy, like buying software I didn't quite need or agreeing on certain service terms with clients that I regretted in the morning.

Anyway, sounds cool, no matter what you do with it I think at least it has a cool domain name. I would go for the SC affiliate thing simply because it contains the word "clerks". But overall it's your call. Good luck with it!

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LOL yeah I can just imagine what I would be getting up to if I was still drinking. I would have some big problems to sort out the next day! Haha

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