Your websites design can make or break your sales and conversions

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Your websites design can make or break your sales and conversions

I get a lot of clients who get mad at me when I tell them we need to alter their websites design a little bit. The don't really want to edit anything because everyone is afraid of change. And you also have the people who have the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" kind of mentality.

Now when I go over the edits with them they are more willing to do so, but most of them are still on the fence. I let them know that altering their design slightly will increase their conversions and then they get a little happy, but still are on the damn fence.

Having a user friendly website that is streamlined and pulls people in will definitely increase your sales and conversions.

  • If you have a page full of text with no images or breaks, you won't see people staying on it for long.
  • If you have a page that takes forever to load because all your images are 5TB large, you'll lose conversions and sales because no one will wait for your pages to load.
  • If your website is not responsive (mobile friendly) people will be less likely to buy from you when they're on their phone.
  • If the website looks like it was made in 1923, no one will buy from you because it looks old and out dated. Why buy from someone who isn't cutting edge in the field, I wouldn't.

It's so easy today to have a well designed website for under $500 and it blows my mind when people don't utilize places like Seoclerks or other platforms to find credible designers willing to work with you throughout the entire process. I've actually found some people who are willing to take a revenue share instead of me paying them up front. Granted the payment over time is always double than what I would have had to pay them up front, but I don't have to lose a bunch of money right away and I can pay them 10% of the profits until we hit that $XXX mark.

So all I have to say to people still using designs from 10 years ago is this.

It doesn't matter how good your business is. If you have a bad design you'll lose sales to your competitor.


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I also believe that eye catchy website can make better conversion in sales. But i was in situations too when owners wanted to keep it old style and very simple looking. One owner told me that he knows, most of his visitors are older people and they usually get confused with new styles when it comes to browsing so he wanted to keep website looking like made in 90's. So it's yet up to them i guess....

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I guess that's one of the rare cases when keeping the style of the website looking older will work in your favor Your websites design can make or break your sales and conversions Pretty much he would want a point and click system like "Click Here" and that redirects to a 1 sentence explanation of something and then it says "Buy Now" lol Your websites design can make or break your sales and conversions

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Yes! There is no reason why a website should not be using the latest features that makes a website a great website and are still using features (or non-featurless) websites from yesterdecade. Really, most of the features that make a site a great site today are not hard come by and have on your site. And you don't even need to pay an expensive web designer to put them on your site either. If your site is clunky, hard to navigate and not mobile friendly, you're going to suffer due to that. Since most of your competitors sites will be and will load and look great on whatever device they're visiting and using it on. Whether it's a desktop with a large screen, a tablet or mobile device.

And it's really not hard to learn how to update and modernize your site as well. There is tons of information out there on the web, guides, tutorials, videos and things that walk you through the whole process from step 1 to the final steps. I get that many people don't have the time to learn it or to find someone to do it. But that is time wisely invested and like you find the time to keep your business running over, one should take the time to update and improve their website. Especially if it's not mobile friendly!

Mobile friendliness is just an absolute must today. Especially seeing how mobile searches now out-perform desktop searches. If your website doesn't load and or look right on a mobile device with a smaller screen, your users will find it harder to use that site.

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Razzy you have made some great points there and I can just imagine how frustrated you must get when people expect you to improve their website traffic and sales yet they are resistant to change and keeping up to date with the times.

I try and keep my websites modern and up to date myself. There are loads of tutorials and how to's online so it is possible. I just sometimes get a bit overwhelmed with the technical things and the amount of work involved.

I need to change all my themes so that my websites are fully mobile functional and friendly because I am having a few issues, especially with my one website!

That same website that I am struggling with on the mobile friendly aspect is also so slow because I have changed it from being an online store to being just a blog. I still need to remove a lot of information from that website to make it faster.

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It's sooooo frustrating lol. It's like I'm giving these people the exact blueprint on how to make money and they're so stubborn because they don't think it will work ugh Your websites design can make or break your sales and conversions

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Two words: User Experience. UI and UIX are becoming ever more important in today's optimization tactics in the race for conversions.
80% of my clients don't understand this, they almost always want a design that will not help the user.

There are two types of mentalities as far as I encountered:

  • the client that wants an outdate design because he has a fixation on how a website my look and that's some 15 years old idea and design type.
  • the client wants the website to look "cool" and is willing to sacrifice functionalities, simplicity and user experience for the sake of the design.

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yeah, it can be annoying. Now when I get clients I try to get them to sign something that says I get creative freedom as long as it will improve their rankings and user experience lol. It's like the owner is afraid of the change, but if they let me have creative freedom they can't stop me very much. Every time I'm done they love the design and they're glad they let me go nuts on it Your websites design can make or break your sales and conversions

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This slow loading is still an issue today. I have been seeing sites with pages that load very slow because of too much images. Worse, it is much slower when there is a video or animation. What I do in those cases is to exit and look for another similar site with a faster display of the webpage. Take note that most internet users have a short attention span. For them, waiting is a sin so your web pages should be quick in displaying before the reader decides to leave.

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