How to set up a content generation machine.

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How to set up a content generation machine.

A lot of people want to get loads of content on their websites but don't have the time or funding to do so. They don't have the time because they're swamped with the work load they already have to do and they don't have the money because posting loads of content isn't cheap if it's high quality and not spun.

So how can we get a content generating machine up and running? It's actually pretty simple lol How to set up a content generation machine.

Ask people to post for you!

Yup, that's it. All you have to do is ask the masses if they want to post on your website about your niche. Post on facebook asking if anyone is interested and you could also post on forums in your niche since you know for sure that the people there are interested in the niche.

But now you're asking "I'll have to pay them for their work, won't I?" NOPE! Set it up as a revenue share and you'll get plenty of writers wanting to come in and post. You'll have to set it up with some requirements like each author has to post once a day or 30 times in a month to be eligible for that months revenue split. Another thing is that you need to have good writers, not just anyone will cut it. You can pretty much accept anyone, but make sure all the posts go into moderation so that you're not getting duplicate content, spun content or garbage posts just to meet your requirements. I would think that maybe 1 in 5 people will actually take it serious and actually take their time to build up the posts with a lot of text, images and maybe a video. Those are the people you'll want to keep. Everyone who is posting just to hit a requirement will need to be weeded out after the first month, don't go easy on them.

Your writers will want to write if you give them the opportunity to put info in an authors box or signature. You'll have to let them link back to their websites, even if it's a nofollow link, just so they're more willing to post quality content.

I actually do this with one of my websites and it works pretty well. I have a 50/50 split that I do, 50% for me/the company/taxes/advertising and 50% to my writers. Right now we're in the early stages and I've already got my eyes on 1 of the 6 writers and I may weed him out at the end of the month if he doesn't step up his game How to set up a content generation machine.


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Thanks Razzy, I am really keen to get more quality content on my websites but I am still too nervous to try something like this.

Have you seen those plugins for guest posts before? What do you think of those?

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This model makes sense and seems to be a creative way to get fresh content for your website. It also creates a win - win for writers acting as paid guest posters. Could you share what business methods such as software or plugins that you use to manage this method - operation. Example: how do you pay the writers, tracking writers income and how do you ensure that they are not creating duplicate content or plagiarizing content? How much time does the management for this take? If you could have anything that you wanted that would make this model even better, what would it be? What is missing?

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That may be the scheme being used by some websites that pay for your article submission. Instead of writing the blog himself, the blogger had set up a system where bloggers can post their blogs on their profile. And to attract guest bloggers, they are paid with the shares in revenue. I find it a good scheme because the more you blog, the more you get paid and the owner earns more. In other words, everybody is happy in the end.

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I like your topic a lot because I'm thinking of ways to monetize 2 of my fb sites. Although I have some moderators posting for me I haven't really started monetizing it yet until now.

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