Niche Ideas for my next website?

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Niche Ideas for my next website?

For my next project I want to start a niche website and only use content written by a content writer. The reason for this is because I don't have the time to write anything for another website.
In addition to this I have 3 websites already, in each of my main passions and if I am not passionate about something I couldn't be bothered writing about it.... and that would surely show through.

What niches do you think would generate some nice traffic and an extra income stream? I am not on a mission to make millions or try and target a high competition niche. I just want something that will bring in enough traffic and sales to cover the domain name, cover the content writing and of course add in just a little extra to make it worth my while.

Any brainstorm ideas are welcome!


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Well, I know it sounds cliché because it's been said many times before, but I think it's best to stick to something you are a) passionate about, b) interested in and c) knowledgeable in. That way you wont loose interest in that thing as quick and you'll believe in it and be much more likelier to succeed in that thing/subject that your blog is about. Plus your readers will appreciate it too because it's written by someone that knows something about that thing/subject and that will reflect in your readership, traffic and earnings.

That said, if you're going to be using content writers only, then you'll want to make sure the content they provide for that blog is up to date, relevant and possibly evergreen. Some niches come and go, what's hot today could be stone cold in a few months time. So you'll want to pick a niche that is going to be around for a long time as opposed to picking a niche in something that is only trendy for a while.

So stick to something you're passionate about, something you have a vested interest in, something that is evergreen and isn't something that is a temporary fad and is going to be forgotten about in a few months time. You can choose something that is broad that covers many subjects or something that is very micro-niched and only covers one thing only. An example of a broad niche would be something like Television reviews, where as a micro-niche would be certain types of television reviews like 4K HDR TV's only or something.

It might be worth coming up with a brand name actually. A brand that people can grow familiar with for providing reviews and insights, life hacks etc on the things they use in life. A brand that caters for all types, ages and people from all walks of life. So a brand that reviews and writes about everything from diapers to dipsticks. From bottled water to bottled kerosene. Whatever. That way, you can have many different categories on your site that covers many different things that your content writers can pick and choose to write about too. Niche Ideas for my next website?

Hope this helps! Niche Ideas for my next website?

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Mike yes, this has been very helpful. In fact something that I might be interested in doing is cosmetic reviews.
The funny thing is that I am like so not into cosmetics but my mother in law is.She is like always so well groomed and then there is me. I thought if we team up and do Youtube videos... it would be quite funny. I only ever put on make up for Youtube videos actually lol.
And yes I hear what you are saying about Evergreen!

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Concealed Carry

This one only really applies to people in the United States. International readers, just skip on to the next one.

I was recently looking at information about carrying a concealed weapon. With so many mass shootings, I thought it might be a good idea to consider.

First of all I looked for information about carrying concealed in my state. There was practically no information available. I wanted to know how to get a concealed carry permit, where people are allowed to/not allowed to carry if you have a permit, how to legally carry while in a car, etc. You could create an incredibly useful page of your site using Pat Flynn’s for this and create an amazing resource.

Also, I looked for information on the best handguns for concealed carry. There were tons of product reviews, but nobody made this simple for me and just wrote the 10 most popular options.

Then, I wanted more information on safety, finding a good home safe, etc. I had to hunt around Google for days to find all the info I wanted. Would have been awesome (and valuable!) if someone would have done the research for me and presented it in an easy-to-digest manner. That person could be you…

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Oh wow Jkeyz2 that is an interesting possibility. I believe here in South Africa gun owners can get a license to carry a concealed weapon too. Here you must have a permit to have a gun and there are certain rules about getting the permit, what you can and can't do with your gun...

Our country has one of the highest crime rates in the world so I am sure that there would be a lot of online searches relating to getting a gun here. In fact my hubby and I were thinking of getting a gun.

About a month ago there were men with guns in our road, just a few houses away. I am totally against guns, but you know when you get a Whatsapp message from your neighbor to everyone in the road telling you that there are armed criminals wandering around outside your house and you are just sitting there with nothing to defend yourself and your children...suddenly having a gun seems like a really good idea.

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Hey Lynne! Go with anything medical! It pays really well both with Google Adsense and other forms of ads, including direct promotion with certain companies.

Depending on the subject content may be pretty complicated to create but if you are hiring someone, especially a professional copywriter, it shouldn't be a problem, go with someone that already has some experience in the medical niche.

Do a full research before choosing a niche, I don't recommend you go with a very micro niche since you may don't get sufficient earnings to cover all website's expensive, so choose something a little more popular where you can write a lot of fresh content.

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For me, there are three basic ways you can make money from writing on the internet and they are:

I) Health related topic.

II) Relationship related topics.

II) Money making related topics.

You really need to check among the three one that you can confidently say that the website that you want to start up will accommodate to avoid making some mistakes with them.

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maybe you should start a website on parenting niche (In fact I am thinking to start websites on this niche, I have two domains for this purpose and
I am suggesting this niche because I see the potential. This is health related niche and health is always in demand.

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My suggestion is for you to think of a niche that you know very well. Don’t focus on the traffic by this time for you may just be blinded by that motivation. Perhaps you can list down all the niches that you think you can handle and then you evaluate which one is the best for you. When I say the best it means you will be enjoy writing it so that niche should probably be your passion.

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