What is the Best SEO Method For My Website?

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What is the Best SEO Method For My Website?

There is a lot of seo related options which you can easily find on the left sides on

But i dont now which one is the best for my website

Blog Comments ?
Link Pyramids ?
Link Wheel ?
Wiki Links ?
Signature Links ?
Link Building ?
Site Link Sales ?
Google +1 ?

i also tried many times link wheel, wiki links link building Google + but i am not satisfied.


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Grow slowly, with twitter Likes/subscribe, Google Plus/ Circle, FB fans/Shares, YouTube subscribe/Likes. And post numerous article/ news releases.

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I would go for posting articles regularly although the articles should be well-written and not copied from another site. Of course, it should adhere to the niche of the site. Uploading such articles twice a week or more often would boost the ranking of the site in the search engine’s search list. I would also recommend the link building because it is the most popular SEO method now among site owners which indicates that it can get more traffic for your site.

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In my point of view Link Building is the best way

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Link building is the best for Good PR.

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Use Google+1 it is a great source for traffic and a lot of people are using it now.

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Blog Comments

I like your thinking. Unless you're thinking of the bh way of doing that and not doing it yourself manually by hand on hand picked blogs? In which case if it's the latter then that is a good way to start because using manual blog commenting you can build some very strong links to your site from sites that are related to yours. Also if your comments are good and they add value to the page, the blog owner is more likely to approve your comment which will have a link back to your site and people may choose to click on that too and send you traffic for years.

Link Pyramids

I would stay away from anything like this. This can get you into a lot of trouble and doesn't even need to be done anyway. You can get good SERP ranking just doing normal SEO and not engaging in any link pyramid schemes that are questionable at best.

Link Wheel

Pretty much the same as a link pyramid in that you will start with some satellite sites or tier 2's and then build higher tiered links to them and then higher tiered links to them again and again so that you have a wheel of links and this can sometimes backfire on you.

Wiki Links

Wiki sites are high authority sites usually and they are heavily human moderated. Google likes anything that is heavily moderated by real people so these sorts of sites can rank high on their own. But some people think you need to build thousands of them to your tier2's etc or even your money site but those are often spammy. All you need is a few high authority wiki links to count from pages that were manually created as these rank high on their own anyway.

Signature Links

This can be a good way to build some links from forums in your niche too or even some high authority forums but it can take a lot of work before they really pay off by means of how much traffic they send you because if you post a lot of times to peoples threads and posts on big threads with a valuable comment then people will be more likely to check it out.

Link Building

Well link building is basically everything from about and other things not mentioned here also.

Site Link Sales

It's not a good idea to buy links as Google definitely doesn't like this and will probably slap a manual penalty on you if they find out you've been doing it. It can be a bit of a grey area though and hard to know what's been purchased and what's an advert or a recommendation.

Google +1

Google+ is a great way to promote any site and get traffic by following people in your niche and getting them to follow you. Or with your own Google+ page or community too. I use Google+ communities regularly and get tons of traffic sent to me sites each time Plus it's a part of Google too so anything you post to them is indexed fast and keeps the search engine spiders coming back to your site.

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When it comes to SEO, I have noticed, most of the people do not talk about content optimization. Content is the king and you need to publish quality contents. Quality contents refer to the contents that are unique, original, useful, interesting and well written. Your contents should also have good length. Many people have different opinions when it comes to the length of the content. Some say 300 words are enough, where as some say, the content should have at least 1000 words. I always settle to middle and publish content that is between 500-700 words. I have also published 1500-word contents, but these contents have high bounce rate.

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If your objective is to get traffic via SEO and your methods don’t give you good results then why not try social media? Create an account in Facebook, gather people and you can even create a network of your own with the same niche as your website’s niche. And when everything is already established, you can start promoting your website to get the traffic. As a by-product, your SEO ranking will also increase.

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