Using a Content Writer with a different Style

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Using a Content Writer with a different Style

I just want some guidance here please. I am starting to outsource some of my content writing now and I am very happy with the results.

I didn't actually request the content to be written because it was pre-written content that was offered for this particular service that I purchased.

So I am very happy with the content but it is clearly not written by me. How do I deal with this on my website? The writer has already said he wants to just be a ghost writer... so how do I publish it on my website?

Is it fine just to publish under my name and leave it like that? I don't think anyone will like point fingers at me and accuse me of not being the writer LOL

I have just never done this before so not sure how it works.


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I actually do this a lot Using a Content Writer with a different Style Most writers don't "sound" the same in their writing and there is a pretty simple way around this that not many people do.

Make a new account on your website or blog for each of your writers and whenever you get work from them you just have to log into the profile that you assigned for their writing style and post the content. This way you can avoid the "Well you didn't write this!" situation because they style is obviously different than what you've been posting.

If you're using wordpress, or something similar, it's pretty easy to set up new profiles and set them as authors. I wouldn't name the profiles the exact name of the writer you're talking to just so that it doesn't get tracked back to them. It's your website after all and you'll want people to think that the writers who are posting the content are only writing for you. Open a file and have the writers real name and the pen name that is associated with them, as well as their login details that are for your website. This way you will have everything in one place and you won't mix any of the authors up. You will have all of your author profiles posting in their own writing style and you can be seen as a bigger website with multiple people writing for it.

Well that's the easy way to do it. Hopefully that helps Using a Content Writer with a different Style

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Thanks Razzy, what a great suggestion. Now I have slept on this little challenge overnight I had another one of my 2 am brainwaves.,.

What about if I keep the name the same as the Username here and link the affiliate link to the sellers profile? Yes it will show that I am using a content writer, but perhaps I might get some affiliate sales from that? Why exactly would I want people to think that the content writer is only writing for me?

What do you think of this idea, is it worth it or not?

I would love your feedback!

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You could just put a small bio at the end of the article itself that says who it was written by. Just so your regular readers will know. Or of course, put something at the start of it as well to say who it's by and why it was written such as a reason that the article is about and this is "their take" on the matter sort of thing. That way they'd know before they even started reading it! A lot of blogs do that for ghost written articles that aren't the normal style of writing that the blogs readers might be used to. And this would help anyone that was reading and it and thinking, hold up, I'm not familiar with this so they would know that it was written by someone else. You could put a link to their social profile or something as well, that would maybe add a little bit of value to that article as well in case anyone wanted to follow them or ask them any questions. Even though I'm sure you'd want any questions asked on your site, on that article itself and that would be completely fair enough.

The author suggestion by Raz and Bob is a good one as well though. You could post as them then as well and do the same for other articles written by other people. And if they're good quality articles, informative and helpful and that then people will think you've got an expert team of writers writing for you and they can grow to appreciate this since everyone's writing style is different and you could even set up some kind of poll so your readers can vote on who the best writer or author is and that could create a competition amongst them to sort of out-write each other which would mean your blogs articles get better and better all the time. ;)

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Thanks Mike!

That is what I intended to do, write a little bio...but unfortunately my content writer does not want to be named. I have an idea that might work though... and it might get me sales too. So the content writer doesn't want his actual name on the content... well what about an affiliate link to his services here?

What do you think of that Mike?

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If your interntion is to have a ghost writer then that's what you are getting. And as you said, you are happy with the content so you just have to play along. If you think you can find a writer who writes in the same style as you do, that's like finding a needle in the haystack. Writers have their own style like people have their own idiosyncrasy. For my advice, just accept the content if you think it's good and don't dwell on the thought that people will suspect that the content was not written by you. Enjoy it.

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I am a writer myself, however, I hired to write contents for my website. The website was on lingerie niche and I had never written anything on lingerie., Therefore, I hired the writer. I have already published the contents on my website. However, I am not using my name on the byline. Having my own name on the byline when I was not the writer looked in appropriate for me. Therefore, I chose to publish the articles as "admin." Maybe you could do the same. This will save you from the guilt or any legal complications that could arise between you and the writer.

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