How can I get into being an outsource contractor?

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How can I get into being an outsource contractor?

I run into many freelancers that find themselves at times over whelmed with work and what they have going on. And, I have also found myself with too much on my plate and it can be stressful no doubt about it.

My question is how to you become an outsource for these freelancers ? I understand with supply and demand it only works if your providing services that are in demand.

Are there any tips on getting started? Are there any ways I should go about reaching out to those that need help to let them know about my services ?


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Well, you might not know about them until they make a post on the Community Discussions here or some where else online saying how they are struggling to meet and complete all their clients orders. But if you do see someone saying that, you could always send them a polite message saying how you have noticed that they are struggling and that you are messaging them because you may have a solution for them. But do so in a way that doesn't sound like you're "pitching" them. And in a way that looks like you're just someone reaching out to someone else in the community. Then tell them about your services and what you do and that you can act as an outsourcer for them. That's pretty much what I'd do from what you're saying unless you mean something else completely and I'm totally barking up the wrong tree?

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Mikes idea is quite cool and worth a go How can I get into being an outsource contractor? Just keep an eye out and see if there is someone that can do with a hand. In fact watching these discussions might be quite a great way to find people.

Would it be possible to get creative with some services for being an outsource contractor? Maybe just your rate for a certain type of skills set and then add in other services for different rates?

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Find people that are willing to work for a smaller price than you. Teach then the essentials, even though you outsource you still want to maintain your high quality for you clients, so make sure the people you are hiring are delivering good quality work.

Be fair and always pay everyone what they worth. Keep developing that list of freelancers until you have a solid team. You may reach a point when you simply manage them and stop "working" altogether.

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I think one needs some spare cash in their hand if they wish to be a seasonal contractor. I know some who have tried to do contracting having no money in their hands. But it can be risky and not much money can be earned in that process. I have found that some people do try this and for them making money is not that easy in such case. You should consider getting into simple stuff and then build yourself as better outsource contractor for larger projects as time goes on.

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