How to outsource data entry jobs?

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How to outsource data entry jobs?

Has anyone outsourced data entry jobs that require virtual assistant skills?


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Yes, fairly easily by looking for and hiring a freelancer. I used to use for that but I get everything I need mostly at SEOClerks now. You can Hire a Freelancer here or create a WTB requesting something in particular. You can use the WTB section to find freelancers who can perform tasks for you like data entry. Just create a new WTB and then fill out the required fields stating what it is you're looking for both in terms of the work needed to be done and how much you'll pay for it etc. Remember to fill out the skills required field! Put the keywords there for the sorts of things you're looking for and anyone here who has those as their skills in their profile will get a notification about it telling them they have the skills to complete it and can place a bid on it. Also other people who browse the WTB section can bid on it too. Here's a guide I wrote on How to Bid on People's WTB's and WTT's Be Hired and Get Work as a Freelancer. This will get you up to speed on using it to find someone and explain more about how the skills work as well as show how to create a WTB.

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Oh man, there are so many resources now for hiring freelancers. SeoClerks is a great place to start, like idealmike said. Can't find something that you're looking for? Open up a want to buy service and people will bid on what you need done, pretty simple ;)

I have a virtual assistant that goes out and generates leads for me via online methods and not cold calling. She will basically be my representative and act like an employee of mine and when someone seems interested she says something like "Great! I can send you some more information via email just in case I may have missed something. What is your email?" Then she emails me the conversation and the potential clients email and I take over. If I end up closing the potential client and turn them into a client, I send a commission to my VA (virtual assistant). I couldn't do everything I am doing without a dedicated VA. Now you will hire some VAs that claim to be the best and fall waaaayyyy short of what you need done, but that happens to all of us.

As for data entry, I actually hired someone from SeoClerks and he entered roughly 650 clients information into one of my online forms. Now I didn't give him all the information, I just gave him the domains and he had to get the email, name, phone number, and other basic information and then add it through my form. I gave him a basic plan of attack which made the process quicker and basically gave him a job to do step by step per website. It worked out very well and I definitely saved his service as one of my favorites How to outsource data entry jobs?



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You can find many people who are interested in data entry work for sure as it is a type of task that does not require any particular skills. So the supply of freelancers is considerably high for such tasks.

There are various sites where you can find freelancers who offer data entry services. On SeoClerks you can start off by creating a WTB where people can bid. In a short period of time you will surely get many people interested in catering for your data entry needs. You could also send a couple of messages to some people who advertised their data entry services in the marketplace here and hire one of them.

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Hi sanfora I think you have got answer already. Which other expert said already. You can hire any data entry expert freelancer from SEOclerks. SEOclerks one of the greatest market place in the planet where over millions of buyer and seller buying and selling service as their requirements. You can open a want to buy (WTB) and freely offer your job as your requirements. Or you can't trade with want to trade section (WTT) you will get many data entry expert working here and willing to bid for your job. So, do not delay to create such job and for hiring people by your own.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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