Gaining links from being mentioned but not linked to?

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Gaining links from being mentioned but not linked to?

I've just been reading an article on how to gain more authority links. One of the suggestions is to search for exact matches of your brand name and/ or website URL.

You may have been mentioned somewhere but there is no link, then you can contact that site owner and thank them and ask them if they would mind adding your link.

So this sounds simple enough... how on earth would you find all these mentions?


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I actually do this a lot on my own. I'll go to websites and post my URL but I won't link it. I have a feeling that Google still notices that it's a domain even though it's not linked and they give you a little pat on the back for not trying to gain their system by creating a hyperlink with specific anchor text for whichever keyword you're trying to rank for at the time Gaining links from being mentioned but not linked to?

Normally I'll do this on news related websites and it will never be something like "Well if you're interested, you can check my website!" I'll post something like "I used and thought they were ok. I wish they had (example feature) right now, but it seems they are in the process of coding it after I suggested it Gaining links from being mentioned but not linked to? So once that's done I think it will be one of the better services in this niche". That way it sounds like I'm just talking about the domain and it's service or how it performs, and I'm not trying to gain a backlink Gaining links from being mentioned but not linked to?

To find all of these you can use scrapebox and have custom footprints. It will scrape together a ton of URLs that you'll then filter out based on how big of an authority they are. You won't want to pull in URLs where you placed all your previous backlinks, you'll just want to get the ones on superior websites that you don't have access to post on. You'll have to manually go through these and see what wasn't posted by you, but it should be fairly easy.

You might be able to configure Google alerts to send you a notification about a post, but I'm not sure if they alert you when they see a plain text url posted and not a link.

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Hi Razzy

Oh that is something I never thought of! Using Google Alerts to track mentions. I wonder how well this would work? It cant hurt to give that a go, it would certainly involve the least amount of work I'm sure.

Yes there we go again with Scrapebox. It is like universe is screaming at me to give it a go!

I never thought of mentioning my website in that way without linking to it, thanks Razzy that is something I can look at.

Thank you for these suggestions I find this very helpful.

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Razzy that's brilliant, using Google Alerts, but I think the people that will mention you also need to put you in the titles or subtitle. I don't think Google Alerts will go as far as reading the actual content text to find a specific keyword.

Lynne this method of link building is very good but also limited. Because when it comes to a brand being talked about on the internet, most probably this won't be done by actual owners of a website but users.
I also find my clients brand names being mentioned in blog comments, forum posts or other types of pages where comments are allowed.
So you can't contact the people that made the comments, you can try to contact the owner or admin and ask them to modify their comment and place a clickable link, but I doubt they'll do anything about it.

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