As a Freelancer Do You Have a Porfolio Site and if Not - Why Not!?

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As a Freelancer Do You Have a Porfolio Site and if Not - Why Not!?

There are many freelancers on SEOClerks. And many more "out in the wild". Some that struggle to find work and new clients. They have all the skills and talents needed to do the things that people are looking for. But they don't keep a record of all their clients and the things they can do or have skills in. And while many freelance sites allow you to list all your skills and qualifications and experience etc. They don't have anywhere online other than that which they can show to people such as prospective clients.

This doesn't have to be an extremely professional looking site with tons of features and "bells n' whistles" on it. It can just be a simple one page site that lists out what skills you have, what experiences you have and maybe even listing some of the most prestigious clients you've worked for in the past or even samples of your work (with their permission). And if you've worked for some really big names or brands in the past, names and brands people are familiar with, you can use this as leverage.

Most people who see names and brands and logos and things they can identify with will be much more likely to place their trust in you and your services if they see that.

But more than this, a simple portfolio site can help to bring in new clients and get you more work. And it can be advertised or marketed and promoted everywhere too. Such as on social media sites, given out to people, emailed to people. Even put on a business card or leaflet or flyer that people can visit and go to. You could even create a QR code which people can scan on their mobile and be taken to your site and put that everywhere.

But seeing as having a simple portfolio site as a freelancer can be a useful tool that can get you more work and clients. Why don't more freelancers have one?

Are you a freelancer? Do you have a portfolio site?

If not why not and if so have you find it to be useful to you?


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I think it is really important to have a website these days, not matter what your business is!

I am a buyer here and one of the first things I did was see if the seller I wanted to use had a website and I found him online. I also found him on Facebook. So yes I think it firstly gives you more credibility as a seller on a marketplace like SeoClerks but also you can also get more business through organic traffic and promote yourself elsewhere too.

If you are a seller here you should have enough skills to create your own website and promote it online!

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Good information here thank you. I will now pursue being a freelancer...As a Freelancer Do You Have a Porfolio Site and if Not - Why Not!?

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I am a free lancer I currently work from home I don't have a specific portfolio site set up I do a lot of my marketing and branching out through social
networks I get a lot of my clientele off of face book and social media , I'd say the reasons I never took the time to set one up is one cause I didn't really know about this as an option you are the first to bring it to my attention and two business is already going pretty well with out it, you know the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it lol but it's good for the up and comers

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Yeah, I have one portofolio website, I’m using it to promote myself as a freelancer, and to advertise my products which I’m selling here on SEOClerks, also I have added an affiliate store because I want to increase my affiliate sales. For the moment I think it’s working nice, but I’m not happy with the actual traffic, so definitely I need to promote it everywhere.

Having a portofolio website will make you look more professional and serious.

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Are getting sales with your affiliate store?
I have this but no affiliate sales:

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I got my current job by showing them my SEOclerks profile. Seriously, no joke here, they were actually very impressed.

I also had developed a couple more profiles on other marketplaces as well a having a full profile on LinkedIn with some articles written there that I can send as samples when I pitch for content writing jobs.
I also point to previous work and previous reports I already did for past clients. But only if people ask to see them.

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Awesome Cristian that's what it's all about! Being able to have them in case you need them in case a client does ask for them. It's one of those things that it's better to have and not need than it is to need and not have. And it's really not hard to setup a simple portfolio site where you can list your skills, qualifications and experience and maybe even a page that lists some of your previous clients work. With their permission of course. As a Freelancer Do You Have a Porfolio Site and if Not - Why Not!?

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This is what I'm planning to do as soon as possible. The reason is simply that it is going to give my freelancing work that professional look that it deserves and it makes more sense considering that I have started learning the act of blogging where I will be putting up most of the works that I do on a daily basis.

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Yes, I have a portfolio site. It is called On this site I have featured my works. The site also provides links to my other websites and blogs. sadly, the site is under construction. I also have a personal blog On this site, I feature personal stories. This site is also under construction.

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Will be looking into this portfolio site since it not late because I'm quite still new to the internet.I have learned another one which I see a lot of sense in it.Creating a portfolio site of this nature can help put one's name on a success map because whenever a client takes a lot at one's work folio he or she would decide quickly to work with one.

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Absolutely I have a portfolio site! My website hosts all of the videos and photo sessions I've done so people can browse through relevant media, and my Facebook page hosts every video that I complete as well. I use Vimeo as my professional portfolio for my corporate videography work, and I've sent albums from there to potential employers when I've applied at various places.

Interestingly enough, especially for photography, Instagram is a great portfolio place. Tons of people are Instagram, and the fact that it's so visually oriented, for a photographer like me, it's the perfect place to put my work and connect with people who are interested in my services.

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The reason I don't have a portfolio site is because there are so many other ways to display my work. I used to be able to direct people to the About tab on my Google Plus profile. However, Google is closing down so I can't do that anymore. But my LinkedIn profile is useful in that regard.

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