How to pick the perfect wordpress theme for your needs.

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How to pick the perfect wordpress theme for your needs.

Now picking a wordpress theme can be difficult since there are so many and no single wordpress theme is created equal. In order to pick the perfect theme you'll have to do a few things.

First: Pick the right marketplace! I tend to gravitate towards because I've never purchased a bad theme from there. I try to avoid because anytime I've bought a theme there it's either broke or it's extremely complicated to set up.

Second: The Reviews! We all know that people who are mad will usually leave a review and someone who is happy is less likely to. I've noticed that when it comes to people buying themes they are willing to leave a positive review if they truly like it, and that's good for us lol. A theme cold have 1,000 sales but only a fraction of those people leave reviews.

Third: The free upgrades and plugins! I love it when I see "$120 worth of plugins for FREEEE!!!!!" because I know that I'm saving a bunch of money just by buying this theme rather than setting up my own and buying the plugins myself How to pick the perfect wordpress theme for your needs. Bigger sellers will offer more plugins than a new seller, and it's one of the reasons they sell so many themes. The little guys will get there, but they'll need to work out a deal with the plugin creators How to pick the perfect wordpress theme for your needs.

Fourth: This isn't as important, but can be used as a metric when purchasing. Check how many sales that theme has done. If you want something that is unique, you won't want to buy something that has 1,000 sales. But if you plan on customizing the theme slightly, it doesn't really matter how many sales it has. Your content is going to be unique so even if you just set up the theme with it's default look, you'll be ok.

Fifth: The seller! Is this the sellers first theme or are they an elite seller with multiple successful themes on the marketplace? Someone who is just starting out may not have the same powers as a company who employs multiple programmers to fix bugs and do updates. I'm not saying you should sway away from new sellers, just ask questions before you purchase or wait for others to purchase and see what they have to say about it.

Sixth: The Comments! Read what people are saying in the comments. If they comments are negative then you may want to avoid the theme all together. But again, you have to take what people say with a grain of salt. The comments section could just be where people are going to vent about the simple problems they had with the theme, but it could have been their own stupidity that messed something up lol.


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Well I guess this is more aimed towards WordPress sites that are more professional and mean big business. Because if you own/run that type of WordPress site then you will want to invest in a good decent template / theme for your site. So these are some great tips on going about where you should invest in a template and the things to look out for to know if your purchase is going to be right or not. The only thing about buying WP themes is that you can't truly try it out from the backend unless they provide a demo site and while you mostly see front end demos nobody ever gives you a site you can login and try it out from the backend. The theme options and settings etc. Because many times I purchased a WP theme that looked great from the front end but once installed, it was a bugger to set up or couldn't be customized to my liking or preference. And if you're really not happy with it and really don't want to use it you then you have to go about asking for a refund. Although in most cases for most big WP theme sellers that's not a problem for them and they'll still do it, it's still rigmarole going through the whole process of asking for a refund. And then you're back to square one again and still need to find the right theme for your site. For this reason I think they should provide some backend demo that you can try the theme out on but doing this would mean people could possibly just download the theme from the WP admin dashboard so I guess that's why they don't do it lol.

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Yeah, I agree. I think that the ones who do offer a back end demo probably sell more compared to those sellers who do not. You're basically inviting people in the give the theme a test drive and if they like it, they can buy it How to pick the perfect wordpress theme for your needs.

I've never sold a theme so I don't know the exact statistics on whether I would sell more if I offered a back end demo or not. I'm sure some of the bigger sellers have done A/B testing on this, but they won't be giving out that information I would think lol How to pick the perfect wordpress theme for your needs.

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Actually i've never seen any wp theme offering back end demo on themeforest so far , but i think that could be a great idea because many of those themes are beautiful on the front end, but a real mess on back end. However, i'm not sure if that will ever happen.

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Razzy thank you for these great tips to pick the perfect theme. I know I will be finding them very helpful. I am wanting to buy Premium themes for 2 of my websites soon. I am currently just using some free themes. I think they are working ok for now but I am sure that buying a Premium theme would really help my websites a lot.

I've heard of a few times now and everything I have heard has been really good so I think that is where I will go to find my themes when I am ready.

I like what Mike said, you know I see some things and it looks great and then I try it out and it ends up a mess. I hope this doesn't happen with me. I don't have coding or design skills so I need something that is plain and simple to use, something I can buy and just go with.

I think when I am ready I will most likely have a look around, pick a few I like and then ask you all to help me make a final choice!

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I have found that Studiopress, avada and Divi are more than enough for any business and the personal theme needs. These themes can be edited and you can make some good content out of it. I can tell you that some of the good themes on wordpress are with these frameworks. Though some free themes are out there. But often they are not being maintained. So it can be harder to deal with such type of themes these days.

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