Q9: How to Manage All Your Clients as a Freelancer?

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Q9: How to Manage All Your Clients as a Freelancer?

This is Question 9 of my 10 part series on 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Full Time Freelancer.

How to Manage All Your Clients as a Freelancer?

Hey it's one thing to be well skilled in something. It's another thing to have good customer service skills. To be able to communicate well with people and your clients. To even have some fairly good life skills in general. But having great communication skills and being able to understand your buyers requirements and whims as well as establish a long lasting working partnership by delivering excellent quality work and customer service is the winning formula to being successful and getting hired again and again.

It sounds brutal to say it, but without having good communication skills, without good customer service skills. You will find it hard to get hired and build regular repeat buyers. So you may have some learning to do. I'm talking about your people skills, your life skills and your customer service skills.

How will you react when a client flips out on you or rages over something that is beyond your control? How will you react to abusive language and swearing and being called names not safe-for-work enough to repeat here? Are you thick skinned and cool/level headed enough to take it and know how to handle it like a true pro?

But more than this you may have to learn how to sell yourself as well! Learn how to send great killer emails and write excellent service pages and landing pages and how to come up with the perfect pitch to people looking for your skills on all the freelance sites and social media sites etc.

Plus when you start taking orders and things start picking up for you. And you are getting more sales than you can really manage, handle and complete. Then you may find yourself working flat out and misplacing things or not know who's order you should be working on and who's you need to pay the most attention to etc.

Questions to ask yourself then are;

  • Do you have what it takes to work your way through that efficiently?
  • Or are you the type that buckles under a lot of work and pressure?

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Fortunately for us Freelancers that have already discovered SEOClerks. We are able to use the Order Management on the Orders Management page. This will show all your Active orders, Late orders, Delivered orders, Completed orders, Canceled orders, Subscriptions and the rest all on one page. Nice and easy management! Q9: How to Manage All Your Clients as a Freelancer?


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When I started out I was horrible at customer service. I was bad at it mainly because I was swamped with orders and when I did have time to answer emails I would be so burnt out from already working 16 hours in a row that I would avoid my emails because I knew it would be another hour of work. Doing this definitely annoyed some of my clients, but others did not care to even email me and that's what I liked lol. I just wanted to get the orders and do the work, that's all. Eventually I had my friend work with me and he handled all the emails, which was very nice, and I could just focus on work and R&D for the company.

With the advancement of support systems, plugins, scripts, etc. we can now set something up pretty quick and make it super simple to answer all of the emails we get.

Now I tell everyone that they need to focus on support just as much as they focus on the work they're doing for their clients. A good support system where the emails and tickets get answered in under a few hours will help increase the client retention Q9: How to Manage All Your Clients as a Freelancer?

Managing my clients is a little easier because I now have a system in place where I can input the clients information and I will set up what I need to do during the month for each person/business. Anyone can do this with a simple calendar or a client management system where you can input client data.

If I don't set something up, I'll usually just work on one thing and move to the next right after I'm done. This way I'm always working on the clients campaign and I can stay on track. It's a pretty simple thing to do, but you can get side tracked pretty quick. You'll have to avoid procrastination and getting side tracked for this to work best. Sometimes I wish I had an office with no TV in it Q9: How to Manage All Your Clients as a Freelancer?

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LOL Mike you have made some really brilliant points here.

I especially love what you said about how to deal with difficult customers. I have had some awful experiences with people that are trying to run a business but have like ZERO people skills.

About 2 weeks ago I had one the most upsetting experiences ever with a restaurant that is within walking distance to my house. I won't go through the whole sad story but I eventually phoned the restaurant just so say I wasn't happy with the service received and I explained why.

The woman (that I later found out was the owner) on the phone just blasted me, she was so rude and insulting that I went from a little annoyed by not getting my mushroom sauce to wanting to write a scathing review on my mommy blog, do a scathing Youtube review and then send it out to my social networks where I have a following of over 60 000 national followers.

All this over a missing mushroom sauce?

She's just lucky my husband calmed me down and asked me not to do anything rash.

The point here is knowing how to deal with your customers at all times is really an important skill. You need to be able to deal with your customers in a calm and calculated manner.

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Businesses need to realize the power of social media. Say you were a huge youtuber, but a business didn't know and decided to treat you horribly just because they were having a bad day or they decided to treat you horribly because they know who you are and are jealous. Not known to them at the time, you were going to post a video on Youtube about your experience at the business.

That one video alone could result low sales, and possibly make the business owner close their doors. Businesses believe they are untouchable and nothing will happen to them. I hate when business owners are rude to their customers whom have been buying from the business for years. It just upsets me to see people be so rude to just the common person.

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Yes exactly Everett and we are in a small little town too and all of us in the road buy from them, yet she was so rude to me. I just don't understand people.

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I think globally people are scared to talk about their feelings so they just leash it all out to anyone who's near by. Perhaps they may feel that talking about their feelings is a sign of weakness? Think about it, if people were more open to discuss matters, and to be more verbal about how they feel this world wouldn't be so scary as it is now. We have terrorists killing people for no reason, that's very alarming. People have gotten so rude about things, it's like what happened with the world?!

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Interesting Lynne. That does sound like she has some bad customer service skills and just poor people skills as well. At the end of the day, fair play to you! You got to a restaurant for a reason and when you don't get that thing that was the reason you went to that restaurant in the first place it makes you feel unvalued. Sounds like she really needs to go on some customer service care courses! Next time, tell them that you will write a bad review of them on Yelp and how one bad review can ruin a business's reputation. They'll probably be more willing to listen to you then and offer you a discounted meal the next time. But in cases like these, it's once bitten, twice shy and I wouldn't blame you for never going back there again. But there's a lesson to learn from all of this. In that if you ever own/run your own restaurant and some customer rings up to make a complaint. Don't get all argumentative with them, just listen them out and tell them that you'll take on board what they've said. That's it. As simple as that. The customer will be happy because they've vented and will be likely to return. And that can be applied to anything in life too!

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I must say that you gave interesting ways one, as a freelance,r can get to communicate with the clients as well as ensure that there is a link between us and the people that we are handling their work. I'm happy to learn these tips today for it will go a long way in giving me an insight on how to run my online business.

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If you are on the freelance marketplace like SEO clerk, it is easier to manage your sales and clients. However, if you are working independently, it becomes quite difficult to manage your sales and clients. For example, I am also working for indie clients. I have an agent who sends me freelancing opportunities regularly. My agent contacts me through email. When there are too many emails, I miss the important ones.

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An advice from a close friend who is a freelancer, never take in a task that you cannot finish by yourself in the given time frame. That usually happens in the movie industry writers that they get job assignments that they cannot finish on time. That’s why writers there don’t have a good reputation when it comes to delivery. If you have many clients, you should give time to each one since they are considered your bosses.

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