Do you report hours to SEO clients?

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Do you report hours to SEO clients?

If you charge your clients a monthly retainer, is it for hours? Do you bill after hours are spent? Does your team track hours in detail and provide timesheets to your clients? If not, how do you excuse not reporting hours to clients? I understand the internal reasons for tracking hours to manage resources but for instance I've made changes on a client's website that took 30 minutes and netted them an dramatic ROI so why should I only charge my hourly rate for this dramatic improvement in revenue to my client? Shouldn't it be worth more than the time it takes?


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SEOClerks does not have this types of rules. SEOCLerk is the only marketplace where fixed price based works are available. Every works are previously defined and every works have an unique value. When any one place an order on SEOClerk- the balance has been deduct from the user account and after finish of the work the balance go to user account.

The process you have asked on the question area- that is for upworks or some other marketplace. There time trackers and screenshots had been counted.


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