Do you have a business plan for your website?

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Do you have a business plan for your website?

There are many people out there who have websites making passive income and I know that is what everyone strives to achieve, but there are also many people out there with websites that make much more time, attention, and planning.

There is a show called Dragons Den here in the UK (In short it is about people pitching their business asking for an investment from the 'Business Moguls')

One thing that seems to be important for a real world business, like a product manufacturer is having a good, well planned out business plan. I was wondering if there are any webmasters or website owners out there who have an actual business plan, just as if it was a real business. What I mean by this is maybe you have said, I want to have 100,000 monthly visitors by month 'xyz' and at 'x' income we will expand to blah blah blah.

This is a really interesting idea because personally I simply think in my head what I am going to do and I do not take much of a professionally approach to it.

Maybe this would be needed if a site has a physical office with a full team of workers who need to know what they are doing, and I am thinking of making one as I think it would motivate me to do more work.

So, what do you think? Is there a need to make a business plan? Have you made one?


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I get what you're saying and for all intents and purposes that can be a very good idea if you want to have a very big and successful site. A site that sells physical products of one kind that is a big niche site or a site that sells many different products and is trying to be the next Amazon or something like that. And in cases like that, where you would have many thousands of people using the site, buying products or even wanting to return them! You would need to employ other people to help you run that site such as a customer service department to handle all the emails and telephone calls. And of course a department that handles all the site side of things, adding orders, managing stock, ordering products in that kind of stuff. And a social media department to handle all the posts and questions and things posted to your social media pages by customers or prospective customers. All of this would have to be thought about, brain stormed and arranged and you'd need a plan in place. A plan-of-attack if you will on the best way to go about it all.

But only if there is call for it! Only if your site has become so big that you can no longer manage and maintain it on your own. Otherwise it could just be overkill and it all costs money which will come out of your profits that you make from the site. So it really depends on how big your site or the business in general has become.

Although that said, putting these things in place would make you take the site/business much more seriously and make you much more determined to grow that site/business even further. Hopefully to become a big well known house hold brand name. Take or they started out as small blogs at first then went from there. Now they are household brand names that are recognized in every western country from India to LA. From Tokyo to London. From Milan to Paris. And they have all these departments and offices now that they never had before. And because of all that, because they have all of this, it drives them forward to get even bigger. Mainly to pay for all of that rent and all the wages they have to pay for all the people that make the business run like clockwork.

And of course, anyone who's anyone that runs any type of website would like to make it go from being a simple website to a full blown hows your mother business. But every site must first start off small and go from there. Thats how I see it anyway. Do you have a business plan for your website?

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Of course, most of my websites have a business plan. In fact, I think all the websites I have created both in the present and in the past had business plans. I don't create a website for fun, or to not make money. If I am going to pay around $15 for a domain, and about $30 a year for hosting then I'm going to create a business plan so I don't have to fund it.

I think most websites should be funded via advertisements, or packages that either users or visitors can buy to help support the website. However, I also think if you can't afford to run a website you shouldn't have one. Seems a bit rude, but if you can't afford it then you'll be begging your visitors to donate, and that is not good business practice at all. I can understand why Wikipedia asks for donations but for a person to have a personal blog that they can not afford why would they even create it in the first place?

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Well I started off my business with a business plan and then my business grew but just not in the direction I wanted at all, for a while I tried to fight it and make my business go in the same direction my business plan set out.

It was a losing battle. I then just went with the flow and if something worked I went with that. Now 5 years later instead of having an online baby store I have a mommy blog and two other blogs.

I do think a business plan is a good idea, perhaps where I went wrong initially is that I knew literally nothing about working online when I set out. The only reason I think I am still going is because I was able to adapt and go with what was actually working for me.

I now don't have any plans at all set out. I am making a full time income and I write when I have something to write about. If something comes up that I would like to try I give it a go.

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Hi Hasa1015 thanks for your question. I do not know who do not plan for business based on website. I think everybody make website by concerning some business plan. Plan may different but ultimately all needs to earn something from website. I have some website too and all have different plan for making business. Though still I do not earn much money from each site. But I am sure with year or few years it will come as profitable business for me. Either why I need to pay domain and hosting charge. I think no need to convey such extra charge, if do not have business plan.

Regards by Ajlancer

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If I build a website, I will plan to make a business plan first and how to make money of around doubled of the costs of the hosting plan.

I decide to buy a hosting plan of around $3 per month using bitcoin. In the first place, I will build up the content first with popular niche in a free subdomain site and after buying a hosting plan (with at least 5 free sites allowed) , I will place my contents to my new site.

Firstly, I will plan to make money with Amazon associate affiliate program in one site, the other with some well known CPA programs. At least one site I will place some CPM programs to earn from advertising network.

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If you are already planning abouta self-hosted site why do you want to publish on free subdomain site? If you want to have a self-hosted site, don't waste your time with free site. launch your site immediately. Before you launch your site, have at least 5 articles ready, including contents for the pages like Privacy, about etc.
We of course want to make money from our website, however, before we monetize, we need to consider on SEO and generating traffic.

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Same here, I also would have a business plan when I put up my own blog. What I have now is a draft that the first step is to gain prominence in the social media. What for? So that when I launch my blog, there will be instant readers from my social media connections. And that continuous marketing has a style to follow because social media is volatile and dynamic so the promotion should be in stride with the trends. And if possible, I could find a way for my blog to be more profitable.

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I have a handful of blogs and websites. I have well-crafted business plans for my websites and blogs. I want to build traffic and drive sales. However, at this moment this is not happening. I set some of my websites for the sole purpose of flipping them and making quick money. sadly, I have not been able to sell my websites and paying for the domain renewal and hosting renewal is creating a financial burden for me.
having a business plan is not enough, you also need to execute your plan, Executing your plan is not enough, your plans should also work.

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