Landing pages: SEO optimization vs Conversion optimization

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Landing pages: SEO optimization vs Conversion optimization

So which one should you choose when building a new Landing Page? Because from my point of view you can’t have both!

SEO optimization will suffer when you focus on conversion optimization for your landing page because these two don’t blend well together.
You’ll be making a lot of sacrifices to have them both in the same landing page so maybe it’s just better to focus all of your energy on proving the best optimization on just one of them.

Figure out what your main traffic source for this new landing page is going to be!

  1. If you plan on using ads, email marketing, Facebook ads or other forms of promotion, maybe you don’t really need to optimize for SEO. In this case, focus on the call to action and conversions.
  2. If you don’t want to pay for ads and you don’t have an established community of potential clients, there is pretty much one thing you can do for driving traffic to your landing page and that’s organic traffic.

Bottom line: Set your priorities and optimize accordantly.


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My thought for a work around is to SEO optimization the landing page as you would normally. Then use high impact picture(s) with the call to action in lieu of text. Now for SEO purposes you can have proper SEO naming conventions for the pictures, alt tags, href and the SEO doesn't suffer etc... Doing A/B testing for conversion rates is as simple as swapping out the picture with a new call to action, marketing message. What do your think?

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Cristian, thank you for this brilliant post. I have often wondered about this exact thing because I have been told that landing pages should be simple, without anything to distract from the primary purpose, which is to make a sale or get a lead.

Then I have been told that landing pages are easy to optimize for SEO and I just couldn't figure out how to keep something so simple but still add a lot of information for SEO purposes!

This has just cleared up that little confusion I had.

Now that we are on landing pages, I just need to know, how do you create your landing pages? Maybe this can be a completely separate topic.

I have asked and asked for a simple way, a way for complete design dummies... I have looked at some of those websites where you can set up free landing pages and I can't figure them out at all.

Perhaps it would be best for me to pay someone to set them up for me? I enjoy just writing for my websites. I also enjoy learning how to do new things, but only if I don't have to struggle too much. If it is something I struggle with for a while it is most likely something that will always be a problem for me!

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I guess the ads and other costly way of getting traffic is reserved for big sites because a personal site that wants to get more traffic will just be content with the organic way. I know that the landing page is important since it is the first view that a visitor would see on your site. But if the content is very interesting and informative then I guess you wouldn’t need an advertisement since the content will drive traffic to your site.

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