Is social media usefull for all websites?

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Is social media usefull for all websites?

One of my sites recently has been getting less and less traffic and it is starting to worry me. I have been using a few social accounts to draw the traffic instead of SERP as a little test and I think for this niche it is clearly not working. I always provide the best content and pictures for my profiles, which are all carefully researched and always include a reference wherever I have used someone else's photo. What other things are you all doing? In the past I have followed and then un-followed accounts but on this tester account I have been targeting related hashtags and I have seen good engagement but not many visitors are converting to the site. Maybe I have picked a bad hashtag/ nice, but how do you get social traffic to convert?


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When it comes to sharing your posts on social media sites, then there is many different tactics to use, and each social media have it's own way to use it, so it's hard to speak in general. But if you think that you doing your best, then try to use different times of sharing, specially if you targeting USA market and followers. I am guessing you talking about Twitter? Also try to get more retweets and likes or replays. Maybe hire other influencers to share your posts on their profile pages too. Use our sponsored tweets etc... Search this discussion community for more great tips too

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Well I feel quite spit when it comes to social networks. I find the traffic that converts best is always organic traffic.

With social networks I have mixed feelings, it honestly has never converted well for me. However I do feel social networks are essential for a website. Social shares and social activity can count towards not only ranking your website but also towards making yourself an authority in your niche.

If I find a new website I often look them up on social networks just to see what their social presence is like. If a website is not on social media at all I get suspicious and if they have hardly any activity or followers I wonder what is wrong with them.

I would put effort into social networking but not make it my main focus. I believe it is about spreading your efforts between social, organic traffic, paid traffic, email marketing and video marketing.

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I would say that social media is useful for all websites that are LEGAL websites. Scammy websites, no. I would not see how a scammy website or an illegal website would be useful to social media. It'll just have those social media users condoning illegal or bad business practice.

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I think some sites get traffic through other mediums. And they can't fetch much from the social media. I think for some sites to work out one has to think about the traffic through the specific channels. You can think of twitter as one good source. And facebook groups can be another. But other social networks can not give you that much leads. I have learned that pinterest is not much useful for me this way.

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Social media is generally good for websites unless your site is also a kind of social media. For getting traffic, it's not that easy. Based on experience, you have to be creative in order to get free traffic with your posts on social media. For example, you can post about a currently hot controversial item like the upcoming fight of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. If you don't know, Floyd is an undefeated boxer while Conor is the most popular mixed martial arts fighter. Being in 2 different worlds, they will fight under boxing rules. That topic has gained a lot of interest whether positive or negative so if you will post about it on social media, for sure you will get traffic no matter how few.

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You are doing your best, but are you actually doing best. Your best does not necessarily mean the best. If your traffic is not converting, you should consider a lot of things.
For example, you have hundreds of thousands of followers on your social media accounts. But are these followers real followers, are they genuinely interested in your niche?
You are sharing your contents. Are these contents really useful and interesting.The thing you find useful and interesting does not mean your followers also find these things useful and interesting.

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Social media plays a very big role in websites owning and development, social media is the major way to develop your websites ensuring people gets to know about it through Ads on the whole media platform, sometimes just you sharing links to your websites on the social media platform does the trick.

Through AdSense google generates traffics to the social media platform of your choice, from there you get a lot of people who gets to click the Ad it then directs it to your site, Social media plays a crucial role in building your websites audience.

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