Would a tag sale help my situation?

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Would a tag sale help my situation?

Alright so here's the thing I used to have a eBay account were I used to sell all types of things from shirts to phone cases jewelry and you name it I sold it. lol

But that is not my issue I need help now that I'm not really dealing with eBay any more what are any possible ways for me to get rid of the extra products that I have in boxes just taking space my wife and I do plan on getting a little yard sale together but I would like to know if you guys have any other options I can try out and are there any good ways in promoting this tag sale around town


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Fulfillment by amazon Would a tag sale help my situation?

If you have a good amount of product you can always set up a seller account on amazon and do FBA (fulfillment by amazon) in order to get the items out of your house and make money over time Would a tag sale help my situation?

FBA is where you send your products to amazon and they handle all shipping and handling. If you make a sale, they spring into action and get the item shipped out through their own services, which is super nice and convenient. I'm not sure what the pricing is for this, because you do have to pay something extra for each item sold since you're not having to hold the inventory in you spare room, garage or even a warehouse. I don't think the additional fee is much, maybe an additional $1 or something like that. But if you're profiting $10 per item and you don't have to monitor inventory or ship on your own, it's well worth it Would a tag sale help my situation?

After you get the hang of FBA you can also work with manufacturers and try to get their items branded in your name, then shipped out under your business name. Drop shipping!!!!! lol. I know a few people who are making full time incomes just utilizing the FBA system and getting their own products branded under their companys name. If you do go this route though, I would highly advise buying one item of what you want to sell in bulk. Check the quality of the item and if you end up liking it, try to get a deal with the manufacturer and start your own brand Would a tag sale help my situation?

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Jkey2z do you have any local Facebook groups for your area? We have some awesome news and info groups on Facebook. If ever I have something I need to sell in my area I just post it in those groups and I sell things off very quickly. If you are going to have a yard sale then you can also promote this in the local groups.

Likewise if you have a local newspaper they always have a little "what's happening" section, adding in your yard sale there might be a great way to reach the right people in your area. I have always found these ads very reasonably priced.

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Any popular selling websites in your country? Where people can post whatever products and other can buy them?
Tons of similar websites here, three of them are quite popular! I've sold and bought a lot of things, most recently I've bought two used bikes in great condition and an excellent price.

So yeah, whatever is the reason for not selling on ebay anymore, I recommend you try similar but local websites and I'm sure you'll find buyers.

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As Lynne said, Facebook groups can be very helpful if you have one for your local area. I have done this in the past, beside yard sales. But also if you are in harry you may look around for some auction companies in your local area to sell it faster. I was stoned to see that auctions are not always cheap as cheeps Would a tag sale help my situation? Sometime it get really good price and even higher then you expect, specially when you selling brand new things or some antics. Sure you need company with good deal to not reap you off after sale.

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You never state in your initial topic description if you wanted to profit from the products you still have laying about. There is a nifty website called "Listia" where you can auction off your products, or even use a "Get It Now" feature. I have used this website in the past, and it is very good in my opinion. The website is a lot like eBay except you don't get paid cash, you get paid credits. You can cash in these credits, and get paid cash or use the credits to buy things on Listia. You should definitely give it a try if you have things laying around your house that you have no use for.

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I've not heard about this site called Listia for I would be glad to do business on the site. I've had some issues with setting up an account on eBay, so having an account here will work better for us.

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