Is there possibility for just one social network?

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Is there possibility for just one social network?

I just wrote a post on the new ig update which had me pretty interested and then I got to thinking to my self maybe Instagram is on to something. So I thought about it like this, if Instagram can copy a certain idea from another social network, then what's not to stop one of these social networks from really standing out from the rest by pulling the best features from others and jam pack them into one big social network. Could it be possible that something like this could happen and if so how long before the other networks die out you think?


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Apparently Snapchat is suing Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Facebook apparently wants to buy Snapchat, but the owners of Snapchat are not letting them buy the application. So I think Instagram got butthurt and copied the "Stories" function from Snapchat to try and gain Snapchat's audience.

Facebook literally tries to buy anything they can get their hands on, if you don't sell to them they will replicate certain functions, and features then create their own product. Facebook is a multi billion-dollar corporation, and I'm sure they have the absolute best lawyers in the industry. Instagram will probably lose the lawsuit, and will most likely have to pay, or remove the stories feature.. but we will see..

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That is all about competition. Facebook has been around since then and Instagram is just new in the business. If the battles continue I think Facebook will likely to win.

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The only wall that people have to work around are trademarks and copyrights. If a company or individual has a trademark or copyright on something and find someone else using it, they are entitled to money, shares of the company, or the removal of whatever is trademarked or copyrighted.

But with digital things like websites and software, it's usually pretty simple to work around code in order to make it "unique" lol Is there possibility for just one social network? As long as you're not duplicating it 100% then you're in the clear from being sued. But the way instagram basically copied snapchats main feature, they made it look just like snapchat. The look of the new stories feature on instagram may be their downfall, not the actual code behind it. If the new update didn't look so much like snapchat then it wouldn't be a problem. But instagram/facebook was like "F*ck snapchat, let's make the stories feature look like their main feature" lol Is there possibility for just one social network?

I do think that Instagram might lose the lawsuit mainly due to the fact of how the stories features looks, not how it works. But you never know, instagram/facebook may win the lawsuit or just settle out of court to keep it. If instagram/facebook gets to keep the new stories feature then that will eventually kill snapchat in the long run. The only way for snapchat to survive if instagrams stories stays active, is to innovate something that is next gen and push it to all their users. Maybe snapchat will launch a feature to post images and ad descriptions and tags lol Is there possibility for just one social network?

Another way is to just buy everything that is your competitor, just like what facebook is doing. But the bank roll to do that would be staggering, like in the trillions of dollars area I would assume Is there possibility for just one social network? Just image in facebook, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, linkedin, twitter, etc. were all under one corporation. It would be the main powerhouse and they could probably buy all the websites in the world and just forward the traffic to their own pages lol Is there possibility for just one social network?

I actually had a similar idea, but it was for forums. If I ever won the lottery I would buy BHW, WF, DP and a few other big forums that focused on websites, marketing, and making money online. I would then compile all the users in a way that they wouldn't get pissed off and they could still stay on their preferred forum Is there possibility for just one social network? But I didn't win the lottery and I never bought those forums Is there possibility for just one social network?

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I think there will always need to be one main social network where everyone is. The reason for this is that I don't want to be a member of hundreds of social networks to connect with my nearest and dearest.

Can you imagine having to go to Facebook to chat to your mom, Twitter to talk to your sister, LinkedIn to speak to your dad.... no ways. I want to log into my preferred social network and find everyone there.

I thought about this in the discussion about teens leaving Facebook. I think they will be back because Facebook is the THE social network where everyone is at. When they hit their twenties and leave home, maybe leave the country they will want to be connected with their family and Facebook is the best place for that.

So yes I think Facebook is the ONE and will be for a long time to come.

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I prayed for Google plus takeoff back in the day, I was hoping it will replace Facebook and I'll only have to have 1 Google account to login on pretty much everything. Well, Facebook still exists and my dream of a unified complete internet experience is dead.
Apparently, there are always gonna be new social networks, don't know which will survive though.

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I don't think that scenario is possible to happen. With the way social media is going, there will be more players in the years to come. Where before there was only Friendster which gave way to Facebook. And then Twitter emerged from nowhere with their short bursts of messages (is it still limited to 160 characters?). From what I heard, you can post pictures in Twitter now where before it was only a messaging vehicle. Aside from the big players, there are also the small players like Tsu and some others that are not popular or not growing maybe. But then again, social media is a very fertile industry with the billions of users, reason enough for beginners to try their hand at.

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There is 100% possibility for just one social media site which has all features that anyone can need. But when this happens, it won't be fun anymore.

We need different social media sites for competition and ideas. People have a different taste and preference and we can't force everyone to join one big social media site.

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