Do you have a separate Facebook account for business and personal?

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Do you have a separate Facebook account for business and personal?

In this free lance life, there is a thin balance some times between work and play and you know most of us work from home. Or, at least, I do. And, as far as social media goes, I have ran in to a couple people that manage their business, networking marketing Etc all from the same social account they also use for their family and friends.

And, they're doing work related activities on same account as the one they use for family/friends.

And, now due to content issues me personally I do not see this as really functional. For one, you have the constant interruption of dealing with friends/personal messages when you are trying to deal with your fans if you use one account for both business and personal. That's just one issue you might face.

And, then you have those freelancers that have business pages set up aside from their personal accounts which to me is the smarter option. No distractions.

I would like your point of view as to whether it iis more efficient to separate these business/personal accounts or can working off your family/personal social account prove beneficial in any way? What are your thoughts


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I do have separate accounts for personal use and business contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Usually personal account is where i keep my close friends, family and people i know in person so we can communicate without talking business and share private life, while on my business related account i have both, friends and family who are interested in my business and also my customers and other followers, so i guess it's better that way, or at list it is for me. Would kind of annoying to post all my business shares to my family, so that's how i do it...

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Hi jkeyz2 thaks for your question. It is true that facebook nowadays one of the main source for any business promotion. And professional people are mainly use this 2 purpose one for business and another for personal purpose and I think I am not exception. I have few facebook account too. And one account I really use for personal communication. And there all member my familiar. And I have other some accounts for profession purpose. Where I promote something like for my business. In addition, I have some fan page and groups on my personal facebook account, where I can promote anything without showing my identity.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I've only one account which is my personal account, in the past i've used separated accounts for business and for my personal things, in both accounts i had probably 80% same people . For the moment i'm ok with only one account because now things are different, also when it comes to business i prefer to use fan pages because i like to manage all things in one place.

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On Facebook I only have one profile, my personal profile. I then have a Facebook page for each of my websites. I also use Facebook groups to promote my websites.

I do share some business things on my personal profile and I have made some sales from friends and family on Facebook. I also get quite a bit of website traffic from friends and family too. Perhaps because I am a blogger it is different than posting ads for services?

I think it does depend on what type of online work you do that could change how well different Facebook accounts work for you.

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Just one Facebook profile. I'm not ashamed of myself and I'm not paranoid either about reviling my real name online. I also don't see the point in having a Facebook Business account! Just use LinkedIn for business-based social media. Cheers.

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I have several facebook accounts. I don't use my personal account on facebook more than just a few times per year. I do everything using my business accounts.. And while being honest, this all started due to the fact that I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing. I didn't mention my choice of career to any of my friends, so I could definitely not use my personal facebook account.

The years passed and even if everyone knows what I do for a living today, I still use my business accounts instead of my private one. I actually hate facebook and I hate reading all the garbage posts about what people had for breakfast or dinner etc.. And that's also the reason that I never use my personal facebook account nowadays. But facebook is great for business, so my business account is used frequently!

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I don't have separate facebook accounts for personal use and business use. I have one facebook account and I use it for personal communication and networking as well as promoting my business. I do personal networking through my main account, and I have facebook pages and groups for business promotion and internet marketing. I think you do not need separate acount for business and personal use. You can do everything with your one account.

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I have only 1 Facebook account and it covers everything. It is actually my connection to my relatives and friends particularly to those who are residing abroad. But later on I had included all other people to my network like my former and present colleagues, classmates and other acquaintances. My posts are decent anyway so there’s no issue when colleagues would see my timeline. Besides, I don’t post regularly although I interact regularly to the posts of my friends.

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