I am unable to send messages on SEOCLERKS PLEASE HELP!

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I am unable to send messages on SEOCLERKS PLEASE HELP!

I was sending messages to loads of people and I am now aware that it gets detected as spam. When will i get unbanned?


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Why was you sending messages to "loads of people"? That's just spam. That's not the way to do things! Now what happens if you need to send a genuine message to someone? You can't! I would suggest you use this as a lesson and not do it again. There are many ways to make money on SEOClerks and sending spam messages isn't one of them that's recommended if you want to keep your account in good standing. You have been temporarily blocked from sending any messages now until your infraction expires.

Your infraction and its expiry date will show on the bottom of your profile page (only you can see it). Consider yourself lucky you wasn't banned and deleted indefinitely. Sending unsolicited messages to people is likely to annoy them and and give you a bad reputation too.

As pro has said, if you have any more questions or want further clarity open a support ticket to staff and they will help you.

Let's keep SEOClerks spam free!


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Yes I agree with Mikey here. I have just recently gotten a few messages from members here that I don't know, trying to sell me their services. I find this crosses the boundary in an awesome community like this.

I am a buyer here and if I want to buy something I will go into the marketplace and go find a service I like.

I do not want to log in here and find my inbox is spammed. If that happens to me I will report the person sending the message.

This is more likely what happened to you.

Instead of spamming people put your effort into creating quality services with great sales copy. Keep your eyes on WTB's.

I won't buy from anyone that has spammed me, it gives an awful impression. The problem you have now is larger than being blocked from sending messages.

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Well.. if you were sending too much messages probably your account got an infraction, and you should know that spamming it's not allowed, and please try to follow SEOClerks rules.

If you have anything else that you want to clarify, please create a ticket here to contact with support

Thank you,

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