Add a separate property in search console for /blog?

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Add a separate property in search console for /blog?

If I have a Magento based website that sells different products on multiple categories but also have a Wordpress blog section. Do you think I should add the blog as a separate property in Search Console?

Because I have the following problem:

I recently did a redesign for the blog section of the website I'm talking above. The old blog was full of viruses which created spam pages that eventually got index. Its clean now. What do you think I should do? How long before those pages disappear from Google's index and what steps should I take inside Search Console? Please share some solution if you confronted with similar issues. Thank you.


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I've never used magento, but I have used wordpress a few hundred times Add a separate property in search console for /blog?

I would recommend just staying up to date on your wordpress. They do updates automatically which is nice and that helps patching some vulnerabilities that have been exploited in the past. Recently, about 6 months ago, there was a wordpress vulnerability that allowed people to hack into pretty much every wordpress website and do what they wanted, that's not good. Luckily I wasn't affected nor was anyone I knew and that's because wordpress did an update as quick as they could and sent out plenty of emails to it's users letting them know what was going on.

Did you change your blog to wordpress or was your blog section previously wordpress and that's what was infected?

If you recently installed wordpress just for your blog then you don't have much to worry about, I think. I would go into your settings and set it so that you have to verify comments before they go live on your posts. I've caught tons of spam this way because everything goes into moderation. People will scrape together enormous lists of wordpress blogs just so they can run them through backlink and posting software in order to get their content out there. That use to work about 5 years ago, but not anymore lol.

Just be sure to check the securities on your website, and if you don't know how to do that you should hire someone to check it out. Throw someone $50 to secure all your pages and I'm sure you'll get a few people that will jump at the opportunity Add a separate property in search console for /blog?

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The blog section already had Wordpress and was infected. We did a complete re-design plus we cleaned up everything. But the spam created pages still exist and are still indexed in Google. That's my real problem...

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