What are the side effects of Nulled WordPress themes?

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What are the side effects of Nulled WordPress themes?

I recently installed a nulled theme on one of my sites, and after a while I noticed a link embedded in the actual background of my site, which started to make me regret cheaping out. I ended up hiring a freelancer to edit the theme code and remove it and after all of that it worked out cheaper for me to hire him than to buy the theme.

Do you guys always buy your themes, and if not how do you check there is no virus installed? Personally I usually buy them, but after this test I am not sure if it is worthwhile, the only benefit really is having theme updates, however as this them was over a year old I didn't think there would be many crucial updates.


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You should never use nulled WP themes for several reasons. The first being that it's ripping people off of their hard work. Put it like this; how would you feel if you spent a lot of time and money on developing a WP theme only to see it shared on free download sites? You'd be heart broken. You'd feel gutted. You'd feel cheated. You'd feel angry and upset about it. It could put you off designing any more themes. What you have to realize is, the developers use the earnings they make from selling their themes to improve those themes. Without earnings there are no updates and no new themes being developed because they don't want to see them getting nulled and shared illegally.

The other reason is because virtually every nulled WP theme comes with a free courtesy back door into your site as well as possibly some other malicious code like malware or something that could not only cause you sever problems and end up getting your site hacked, but could also even infect your visitors to your website as well that are visiting your site that is infected. And that will be your fault and could destroy your reputation and livelihood at the same time.

Another reason is there is no support. If you have a problem/issue or have found a bug with the theme itself, you can't really open a support ticket with the theme developer and get support for that theme because you haven't paid for it. The same can be said for updates too. If there's an update to that theme that makes it work better or look better or adds some new feature or features to it. You can't get that update. Or you may be able to if that latest version is also nulled but again, you run the risk of installing some malware or backdoor into your site.

Lastly, there are so many free high quality themes out there today, there really is no need to use a nulled WP theme on your site. Just for the sake of appearances. There are many excellent free WP themes out there today you can use on your site. And if it's a new site then you can always upgrade to a premium theme later on once the site has gone on to earn enough to merit doing it and buying one.

So to recap the reasons why I never use nulled WP themes and why you shouldn't.

  • It's illegal and immoral and unethical.
  • It could have malware in it and infect you and your users.
  • There is no support if you have a problem and need some help.
  • There are no free updates so you could be using an inferior version.
  • There are plenty of free high quality WP themes today.

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To be honest in the past i've used nulled wp themes, because i was not able to afford premium themes which cost a lot of money, nulled wp themes are good and bad in the same time because depends what you what to do with them, personally i would never start my business online with nulled themes, for two reason: 1- i don't know what's inside them, 2- many of them are unfinished and buggy and will take too much time to fix or edit them as i need, in the end they could be useful, but only for learning purpose...

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With nulled themes you must be very careful. I have seen it in the past that people nulled them and offer for free download, but also some people leave open backdors to hack your website in the future if they see your website interesting and powerful. I would NOT recommend using nulled themes. If one can't afford to buy some good quality premium theme, there is also many very good free themes to use. In other hand, choose some good free theme to start up, then latter, when you can afford just switch to premium theme. It's easy couple clicks to change theme any time.

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Ok so everyone is having a great conversation about Nulled Wordpress Themes but nobody has explained what a nulled Wordpress theme is?

I had someone I know offer me a whole pack of "free" premium wordpress themes that someone had given him access to. I just found this like way strange so I said no thanks. I don't think receiving free packages of things doing the rounds of something that should have a cost is going to do me any good.

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Nulled as in pirated? I never heard this term before, but I guess you are talking about copied and pirated wordpress themes right?
Well isn't it kind of illegal? Can the creator of the theme find you and take legal action? Probably not but you still have a theme with a lot of garbage code and potential viruses and you can get hacked later on.

I will never invest time and money on such a projects. Also I won't go for such called premium themes anymore, I've paid 60 bucks for such a theme but had a ton of bugs and non-useful code. I'm seriously thinking on developing my on theme, I also learn coding in the process.

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Nulled themes are extremely dangerous. They have lot of callbacks into them. And those callbacks can make the theme open for the attacks. And it can lead to more or less damage to your wordpress installation. And I suggest you to avoid this as much as you can. Make sure to go for only genuine themes. And make sure to use the themes in the official places. That way you won't be affecting your wordpress backend either. So that is a good security practice.

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