Best Top-level domains you can buy, if the .com is taken

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Best Top-level domains you can buy, if the .com is taken

What is in your opinion the second best top level domain if the .com is already taken?
To answer my own question, I would say none. No other TLD is better than .com, especially on the long run. Your website will have a much bigger value if you were to sell it at some point of you have a .com

If the .com is taken, look and search for another .com domain name. Trust me, there are plenty of untaken ideas out there.
.net may be the only ones I would consider. Along with .info for very small and micro-niched content.


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HI Cristian thanks for your question. Yes I think .com as top level domain and no one better than .com. But, you may know domain name mainly depend on basis of target of business. For example: .com domain mainly use for commercial website even large or small business.
And .net very effective for who provide networks. Who mainly do business with networking. .org domain very good for organization. In addition, .gov domain for government sites and .edu for education sites.
So, I think for choosing domain explained concern may more require.

Yes, if you see your expected domain is not free. You can choose with alternative way with same .com domain.
Hope these articles will help:

Regards by Ajlancer

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Thanks for the answer the and the articles Ajlancer! I'm personally only interested in business type websites, so I guess .com is the only choice for me. Cheers.

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I personally own a website that uses a .net domain and it still works very well. Yes, a .com domain is the best top level domain but you can also have a very good website with .org or .net domain. The important thing later on is the brand building. Once you have built a brand, it doesn’t matter which domain extension you use because they will know your website as that extension.I agree that you can search for a .com domain that isn't taken but using other domain extensions isn't a bad idea so I don’t think other extensions should be undervalued.

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I have only ever bought and used .com domains simply because I heard that they are the best so I am not interested in any others. I would think that coming up with an good .com domain name is getting harder and harder all the time but with a bit of creative thinking and research I am sure there are still loads of great domain names you could come up with.

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