Anyone using ahrefs to gather SEO info?

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Anyone using ahrefs to gather SEO info?

Are any of you using to gather SEO information on competitors? I really like how they are listing every backlink a competitor has, as well as every error and keywords it ranks for. Unfortunately, ahrefs costs about 100 bucks for the lite package.
I only buy it for 1 month at a time when I have really important clients and my normal SEO skills aren't enough.

So, do you guys have any experience with this tool? How did it help?
Any similar tools you are currently using?


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Funny that you mention any "similar" tools to Ahrefs, I use Similar Web sometimes for the same research reasons. It can be used for doing background research, domain analysis etc on both websites and apps. I covered it in my recent post on Top 5 Free Online Marketing Tools Every Newbie Internet Marketer Should Use which also includes several other domain research tools you may find interesting/useful. I've not used their basic package though just the free one but the price is about the same and think there's some difference in what you get compared to Ahrefs to Similar Web. Have you ever used or tried it before?

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Nice list you have there, for some reason I never used Google Alerts! Thanks for the tips.

I did try out Similar Web more than in one occasion, awesome tool, but I still think ahrefs is better in terms of showing backlinks and ranks, though it doesn't have the estimated bounce rate, page per visit, avg. duration and other statistics Similar Web haves and gives for free.

I suggest you try a trial version of ahrefs, you only need a paypal and you can unsubscribe whenever you want without paying a dime.

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