Can someone reject my delivery after recieving my delivery?

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Can someone reject my delivery after recieving my delivery?

I am currently working on a big project for $52 and I am kinda scared that the buyer may reject my delivery after I send it to him/her, will I still get my money into my balance or can the buyer ''scam'' me in some sort of way? Please help me fast so I don't have to waste 5 days of work for nothing.

Thank you!


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A buyer can reject the work if for some reason or other he is not satisfied by it. It is a risk that sellers need to take. I have sold hundreds of services here and only a couple proved to be a problem. I suggest you do not worry too much about it. It is better to focus on offering a greats service, and when you do that you are going to increase your chances of satisfying the buyer. Make sure you do what you described in the service. In case a buyer rejects without a valid reason, you can seek the assistance of support staff who are very helpful.

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can i get my money for my service

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As EliteWriter said, buyer can reject your work after delivery, BUT you, as a seller are also protected! Keep in mind that you always have enough proof that you finished work as it's described in your services description, so if it for any reason happen that you provide top quality job, but buyer reject it just to get money back, then you have to submit ticket to help desk, but in that case you need to provide them with full proof of what you done, so support staff can decide who is right and who is wrong. You can win even rejected work and get paid if you provide enough proof of your honest work!

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Glad you got it sorted and all is well that ended well. At the end of the day, so long as you provide your service exactly as advertised in your service description and deliver the service on time. The buyer can have no real reason to reject your delivered service. If it ever does happen where you have provided the service exactly as advertised/described in your service description and you deliver it but the buyer keeps rejecting it. Obviously first try to find out the reason why they are rejecting the delivered work. If they are not giving you a valid reason and keep on rejecting it, you can open a support ticket with staff who will be able to look into it for you. If they can see that you have provided and delivered and carried out the work as described as it would be, they can then force complete the order for you. That's only a last case scenario though, it's always advisable to try and work something out with your buyer first so that they are happy. By the looks of it, you already have! Can someone reject my delivery after recieving my delivery?

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Hi NickAcademy thanks for your question. It is very deeply concern for all seller, when they going to work for big project. Because many scammer now doing such thing for getting free service. Though SEOclerks very restricted for this issue. So, if buyer scammer, I have nothing more word to say. But, as a real buyer he may reject order for various reason. For example: if your order late and even if you unable to explain him why late? Buyer has right to reject order. Or, if you deliver low quality service, buyer may reject order too. It is just presume. But, you do not know what in buyer mind? I can suggest to you do your best according to service description what buyer purchase from you and deliver within deadline. If everything you do correctly, you have right to get paid for your work.

Regards by Ajlancer

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