How to gain more user engagement for my blog?

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How to gain more user engagement for my blog?

How to gain more user engagement for my blog? I have a blog related to seo, smo and digital marketing information but not gaining more visitor. What i do for gain more visitor.


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You don't say when you started your blog... these things do take time.

I recommend you work on adding great content on a regular basis, make sure you are consistent.

Focus on keyword research, targeting low hanging keywords to start with and your organic traffic will slowly start to increase.

Share your content on social media... add in a Youtube channel and email marketing.

It will come if you keep at it.

How are you doing with your content writing? Write in an engaging way and ask your readers questions so that they engage on your website.

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That is a very good advice. Regularly updating your blog will give it more activity at least with the impression that it is not stagnant. And sharing your blog on social media is one good way of getting new visitors to your blog. It doesn’t come easy though because the incoming new traffic will also depend on the contents of your blog. If it is relevant to your social media followers and friends then they will surely check on it. And if your contents are interesting then they will surely come back.

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If you have a blog, but feel that your visitor's engagement with your blog is minimal at best, then you can follow the following tips to increase blog engagement for more comments, social shares, and links.
1. Don’t obscure your content
Do you have ads on your blog? Do you have email opt-in popups? If you have something that is getting in the way of your visitors finding and consuming your content, then you have to ask yourself if blog engagement is truly your goal. If it is, you need to remove them or restructure them so that they do not interfere with your content
2. Write about your target audience's main interests
Chances are, your blog isn't about you. It's about your audience. Whether they are your readers or your customers, you want to create content that caters to your target audience's interests. If you don't know what those interests are, find out using simple survey tools like Qeryz.
ask-your-audience You can ask your audience about specific categories, as shown in the example above, or ask what topics they'd like you to cover next. This tactic will help you increase engagement because readers will be excited that you are in tune with their interests.
3. Include something in your content that others don't
Let's say you want to write about a topic that has been written about many times before, like creating Facebook pages. Before you begin writing, you need to look at the top posts on creating a Facebook page to see what is missing. There has to be something that you know about this topic that others have not already shared. Once you've figured out some unique tidbits, include them in your post. This tactic will ensure that you get comments; social shares, and links because people will be impressed that you were able to shed new light on a familiar topic.
4. Back it up with data
People are more likely to share content from sources they trust. Put some data behind your claims to build trust. For example, don't simply say that Optimizely is the most popular A/B testing tool used on the web. Back it up with a little data from BuiltWith.
optimizely-dominant-ab-test-tool This tactic will give your readers confidence that your advice is sound, making them more likely to share it on social media and link to it. For additional links, find some new data to share through your own research and become the site that everyone links to when quoting sources in their own posts.
The tips in this post are meant to be a valuable addition to the tactics you're already using to create a successful blog. One more important thing, you should check your blog site pages view, bounce rate, time on know what people need from your site. Sometimes I use to check these information and find more interesting fields for my blog. I hope you find the above information useful

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You can gain visitors through
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Medi Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Email marketing
In order to improve engagements on your blog, you need to publish well written high-quality posts and encourage the visitors to leave comments.

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Personally, I try to write in a way that would provoke thought and urge my or readers to went to participate on the article or post. Let the post not just be about you,try to write in a way that's relatable. Bring in some debatable topics to engage your users.

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