Ever you used Google consumer survey for your blog?

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Ever you used Google consumer survey for your blog?

We know blog monetization one of the best earning source on internet. And we know Google advertising one of the best sources for earning by blog. But, Google offer another earning source instead of adsense for bloggers to monetize their blogs. Which called Google consumer surveys.

Google consumer survey very easy to add your site and easy to maintain. And you can choose where survey will appear and how your content reader fill it out as like adsesne advertising.

You have to a adsense account
And 18+ of age
and need to follow Google publishes program police

Earning plan: At this moment Google charge 10 cents for survey creator or advertiser for each survey
And 5 cent Google will cut off and 5 cent you will earn from each survey. It is meaning that you will earn 50% for each survey by sharing with Google.

Some of countries still may not allowed for this program but USA, CANADA and UK blog owner may apply at now.

Regards by Ajlancer


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Oh wow, that is way cool, thanks so much for sharing about this Ajlancer. I am always looking for new ways to monetize my blogs. I am in South Africa and I have an Adsense account. I hope they are allowing my country in now or at least soon. This looks so awesome!

Oh poo, so my country is not supported Ever you used Google consumer survey for your blog? Oh well, I will just have to wait for it then! Thanks for making me aware of this anyway. Something for me to look forward to!

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Hi Lynned yes that is cool feature by Google. And it is great feature for blog owner who only run behind Google adsense. Now blogger can monetization his site by Google consumer survey and it is easy and simple to set any blog. But unfortunately many countries yet not supported by Google. And most of the first word country only use this feature and hope third world country people also able to use this feature very soon. 5 cent not much but for simple work it may good enough. Is it? I am thinking also when I able o use.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I never actually knew this. Thanks for sharing it AJ. Is this only for blogs? I have a forum that I would be interested in using this but if this is only for blogs, then that won’t work. I meet the requirements and it is supported in my country but not sure what is the application process like. Have you got links to related information?
The pay is quite low but if I can get my members to do the survey, then I could earn a few extra bucks. It is always a good combination with Adsense and I really want to try it.

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Thank you. This is news to me. I am going to pursue since I meet the first 2 requirements.

Sharing a link for others who may be interested.

Publishers Monetize Your Sites - GoogleOpinion ... - Google Surveys

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