Buyer Recommendations and Why They Are Beneficial

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Buyer Recommendations and Why They Are Beneficial

I wanted to open a discussion about buyer recommendations and about how they are good for your reputation here, on SEOClerks. When I first started, I didn't really pay attention to them, but now I try my hardest to get them, why? Feedback is one of the most important things and what's qualified to be a recommendation is a 30 word feedback basically with the box checked on the lower left as shown below.

Buyer Recommendations and Why They Are Beneficial

When you get one of these it shows that the buyer took time to tell other people about your strengths, and how good your services are. I also truly believe that this will make future buyers feel more confident when choosing between you and the other guy!

How do you feel about buyer recommendations?


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Hi jkeyz2 thanks for your excellent attention. Yes! any kinds of feedback very importance for both buyer and seller. Besides, service review as recommendation should be excellent addition on SEOclerks. I also did not pay attention on recommendation, when it come up first on SEOclerks. But, now I also trying hard to get buyer recommendation too. It is really affect on your profile different way rather than normal feedback. For example: if buyer leave service feedback, he can write some or few simple word like thank, or good service. But, if that is recommendation, buyer must to write 30 words and with complete details what he got from service and he must to write recommendation from deep willingness. And it should be impact positively on both profile, because buyer and seller both can provide recommendation each other.

So, recommendation really importance as my thinking.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Recommendations are great as they demonstrate that buyers are really happy with the service you provided them. Getting a recommendation is also a boost to your pride as a seller as you feel that your hard work and efforts were appreciated. Recommendations are to an extent great adverts for you as a seller as prospective buyers will generally check out what other buyers had to say after ordering from you. I take the time to thank any buyer who decided to leave me a recommendation as they did it out of their free will and they really make my day Buyer Recommendations and Why They Are Beneficial

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I think this is a very good feature. However, it seems like people don’t use it enough. I just feel like people are often not bothered enough to write 30 words so they just leave a review so this feature is underused. However, having lots of recommendations definitely gives you an edge over your competitors because it shows that past customers were very happy about your work which gives you a higher chance of new customers coming to you. There has been a discussion about offer extra work to clients and I have seen some sellers offer extras when someone leaves a positive review or recommendation.

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