What about "The", and "My" as domain name as forms?

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What about "The", and "My" as domain name as forms?

We know that brand name very much importance for making a domain name to establish any brand. But, it is depending on availability. If you do not get as your expecting domain name, you have 2 options. one is you have to purchase domain name from previous or current purchaser with high price and another is you have to chose alternative domain name similar with your brand name. So, if you going to make domain name with unavailability you can use 'the' or 'my' as forms of domain name. For example: or

So, you have still chance to register with your brand name if you use the or my as forms of domain name.

So, what about your thought?

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Well, let us provide an example, one that everyone will understand in a story tone/mode:

Long, long ago, well not too long, actually back in 2004, there was a website which had the word "the" before the word "facebook". The name wasn't too popular at the time, and somehow, or some reason the founders of the website decided to change the domain name to "facebook".

This change would eventually become a name the world recognized within social communities all around the globe. The name would be seen everywhere from the Americas, to the Amazons of Brazil. Not only did the name change make the domain better by dropping off the word "the", it made the social aspect of that time a better and world remembers this website as "Facebook", without the "the.

Moral of the story, just don't use "the" as it is actually a SEO stop word. ;)

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I heard that using a brand name in a domain could be very bad for SEO? So for example if I used Amazon or Levi for example within my domain Google won't like that? What's your take?

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Whenever I'm purchasing a domain I never use "the" but I will use "my".

I actually have a website in the design stages and it starts with "My" What  about "The", and "My" as  domain name as forms?

When you're targeting a domain name you'll want to make sure there aren't any trademarks on it because you could run into problems if the trademark owner finds out about your website. If you buy "" you'll just hear from the IP lawyers of Coca-Cola and you'll have your domain taken away from you because there is a trademark on their company and brand name.

Even if you somehow go under the radar for this type of domain, you'll have a tough time getting traffic from the search engines because the companies name is already saturated by their own pages, promotions, etc. You'll be fighting through a ton of high authority pages all linked back to the main trademarked domain/website. It's a huge uphill battle and not many people take it on because there's almost no room for success. Even if you do succeed, you'll be taken down by the trademark owner due to infringement What  about "The", and "My" as  domain name as forms? So if you get the domain, you'll need to stay off the radar, but you'll need to profit somehow. How can you stay off of the radar and still make profits? You can't What  about "The", and "My" as  domain name as forms?

To check for a trademark easily you can go over to and type in a word, or words, and search. It's pretty simple What  about "The", and "My" as  domain name as forms?

In the end: Try to avoid the word "the" and it is ok to use the word "my" in some scenarios. Avoid using trademarked words because your domain will be taken away from you if it gets even the slightest popular.

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If the domain name of your choice is already taken and you don't want to buy it from the domain holder, you have a couple of choices:
look for alternative extension: I wanted to register, however, it was not available. I settled with Since extension does not matter in SEO, it is no problem if I get instead of
Tweak the name: I wanted a launch a wellness and wellbeing magazine. However, the domain names I had in mind were not available. I settled with

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I think those prefix that you can add to your domain name can be for the purpose of being unique. I am not an authority in the issue but common sense tells me that adding the word “the” or “my” can even enhance the domain name of your site and it will not affect the SEO negatively that much. For me, a domain name is just a name no matter how it was constructed as long as it is not a banned phrase.

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