Do you use a specific marketing strategy/model when designing a website?

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Do you use a specific marketing strategy/model when designing a website?

We are all aware of the importance of putting the customer first when designing a website. User friendliness and related aspects are of the essence. However out of the various marketing strategies/models that are recommended, what do you use?

I personally favor the 6Cs marketing model. This is because I like the fact that there are 6 elements which truly affect customer motivation. These include content, customization, choice, cost reduction, convenience, and community.

So basically there needs to be focus on all of these elements for good results.

Are you conversant with this model? Do you use it or think it is helpful?


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I'm not sure if this is a strategy or marketing model but when I create a website the first thing I do is use words that will be relevant to the site in any body of words on the site. I also make sure that I have good keywords in my Meta Tag to insure that people searching for these keywords can find my site. When designing, I always make sure the colors we use are easy on the eyes. Pictures and videos are always a must on ANY website, it gives people something to look at. This concept, 6C's is a great concept and I will probably use this in the future lol. Thanks for sharing!

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When I'm designing a website, for myself or a client, I always focus on how the design can increase conversions for the client or myself. Because you know, if you can't make a sale, you won't be in business for long.

You need to start from the top down. Look into your logo and favicon first. If you want the logo to be easily remembered then you need to stand out from the crowd and not have some $1 dull logo you bought from someone in an alley.... a virtual alley I guess lol Do you use a specific marketing strategy/model when designing a website?

After you get the logo, you'll need to focus on how the homepage, subpages, and blog pages are structured in order to increase conversions. This will need to be tweaked over time because no site is created equal, unless you copied someones site. You'll need to use heat mapping to figure out if your traffic is being pulled down the page. The more they get pulled down, the easier it is to make a sale. heat mapping won't come until you're fully done, so don't focus fully on this right now.

Add content to your home/index page, your sub pages, and your blog pages. This will show you how the layout is working with the text. If you think it looks odd, have someone else look at it so you can get a different opinion. Once you think the content is in the right sections, you can move on. You'll most likely have to come back and tweak how much content is on your pages, but this is normal.

Add your images now. Some people will say to add images before content, but I say content before images because the content is what's going to make you the sales and that's more important in my eyes ;) Strategically place your images so that they aren't huge focal points and they easily are ignored in order to read the content. This is one of the more difficult things to do since everyone now a days are using stock images which are usually made to stand out.

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I look at the client view first before deciding the type of website I want. After that I come up with my own ideas. This way I decide how I can make design lot better in that case. You can see that some of the time having a good model definitely helps. You can also find the people who design the website on the basis of the clients other competitors. You should consider that option in such case. I personally think it'd be fair to use competitor design for such.

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Whether I am designing websites for a client or designing my own website, I always think about the target audience and the niche and I design my website accordingly. Design plays an important role. The design is not only important for SEO, but also useful for building the audience. I always try to match the design with the business niche. The color and graphics I use are always related to the niche. I also try to match the logo and header to the website niche.

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