Which CSS Framework: Bootstrap or Foundation? Debate

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Which CSS Framework: Bootstrap or Foundation?

Bootstrap is commonly used as the go to framework due to it's popularity, and UI features. However, there is an issue of many websites using the same framework, and all sites look the same as a result of using bootstrap. Bootstrap can be heavily modified however, there is still certain aspects within the framework that will prove the template is bootstrap based.

On the other hand, with other frameworks such as foundation, which is basically a framework that relies template basics, it would be much harder to indicate that the website is using that framework.

I like to try and modify frameworks to my liking, so end users won't suspect that I am using a free framework.

Which framework do you like better?


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Bootstrap for me! The only reason, I've never heard of Foundation until just now. It looks pretty cool though, although not as clean as Bootstrap. Have you made any websites with Foundation?

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I have to agree, I love bootstrap. And no I haven't, however I have messed around with it and found that in the long run, for me, bootstrap seemed to be better. Not only based upon the cleanliness of the code, but all the docs, plugins/addons, or code snippets that are created were better. The modal for foundation in it's basic state is just horrible.

A lot of the design is basic, as the reason being a 'foundation', hints "foundation" in the name. Basically it's just a 'foundation' designers can use and then tweak to their specifications. I'm not sure if there is any themes for it, or paid templates, never got that far.

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I use both. It depends on some projects. I find foundation good for many reasons. I have managed to use their framework with lot of modifications. And it turns out to be good. In case of bootstrap. I guess they have some nice designs too. And so many templates made so far for the bootstrap. It can be interesting to use either in the project. I check templates before deciding either one of them.

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