What is the best SEO Plugin? Debate

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What is the best SEO Plugin?

I was hoping the experts here could give me some insight into the best SEO plugin to use.

When I first started working online I used Yoast. This wasn't because I knew anything about it, or thought it was the best. I was told to install Yoast to SEO my website so that is what I did. At the time I wasn't even aware of how plugins worked and that there are loads to choose from.

I did however really enjoy it and it helped me learn the basics of SEO. I enjoyed the checklist and had lots of fun trying to write quality content that got the all clear green!

However I learned later on that there is a lot more to SEO than what the Yoast checklist goes through. A good example is that you only need 500 words in a post for the checklist to be green. I now write minimum 1000 word posts and aim for much more if possible.

My web developers disabled Yoast because it was conflicting with something and causing issues. I can't explain more because when it comes to technical stuff like that my brain turns off. It was explained to me though....

It was then recommended to me to use All in One SEO which appears to be working nicely. I am ranking and getting traffic... so great.

What is your preferred SEO plugin and why?


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Hi Lynne. I was writing tutorial about this matter: How to optimize WordPress for search engines? and i prefered SEO by Yoast. Since it was in conflict with your other plugins, very good replacement is "All in one SEO pack". There is other SEO plugins, but not as powerful as these two i guess. Anyway read my mentioned post for more advices on SEO of WordPress websites.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will go and check out your post.

So that just confirms I am using the best one I can, thank you. I like it when everything is right What is the best SEO Plugin?

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There are several very popular and good WP SEO plugins but the best two are Yoast and AllinOne SEO. They both have their own pros and cons. What I like about Allinone is you can use your own sitemap such as the Google XML News sitemap. But if you use Yoast, you cannot use this as it conflicts with it. Although you can disable that part of the Yoast plugin now. However, Yoast is pretty infamous for conflicting with other plugins and being Where as Allinone has never given me an issue like that. But Yoast does provide a lot more for improving the on-page SEO score of your site. I like how Yoast adds the OG meta tags to your site such as your Google+ author page, your twitter details and you can set which images show when your site is shared on social media pages where as you can't with Allinone. It also provides the Page Analysis to help you create an article that is both SEO friendly and even people reading friendly by showing your Flesch reading score.

There are many Yoast Vs Allinone comparisons out there. In most cases, Allinone wins for ease of use and liteness. Allinone is more for people who want simple SEO and less resource usage and are already experienced SEO's. But Yoast is excellent for people who want to know what it takes to make a high quality article using all it's page analysis & SEO suggestions, on-page SEO report & score, keyword recommendations and LSI keyword research. Where as you don't get that with Allinone only meta title/description field that's it. Which is fine if you don't care to see what all these other things are as well. So Allinone does a good job on its own. But Yoast lets you see what's going behind the scenes a bit more metaphorically speak and provides more ways to control more of your on-page SEO score.

Hope that helps and gives you some insight into the two (although not exhaustive of both's features) and helps you to know which plugin is best for you. If it's your main site and you really want to control virtually every aspect of your sites on-page SEO and learn about on-page SEO at the same time then go with Yoast! But if it's just for a satellite site or something you wont really care for much but still want to have meta title and meta description as well as no follow your tag and category archives etc then go with Allione. What is the best SEO Plugin?

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Hi Mike
Perfect thank you, that is exactly my experience with Yoast and Allinone. I am happy using Allinone and I am using it on 3 websites right now. | have had no problems with it like I did with Yoast previously where it conflicted with other plugins.

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Yoast and the All In One plugins are great for SEO.

I prefer Yoast over All In One, but if you're Yoast plugin is conflicting with other plugins and scripts, then I understand why you went with All In One What is the best SEO Plugin?

I've actually used both. I used the All In One at first and after a few months I heard about Yoast and added it to a new website I put up on WordPress. I liked Yoast so much that it became my primary SEO plugin for all of my sites that were on Wordpress What is the best SEO Plugin?

I really like Yoast because it's pretty simple to figure out. There are a few things that can be tricky, like the sitemap generator, but if you sit down and do some testing on it you should be able to get the hang of it What is the best SEO Plugin?

Yoast > All In One

But I understand why you can't use Yoast and the All In One plugin is a great secondary choice What is the best SEO Plugin?

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Thanks Razzy, I am just glad that I am using the next best option to Yoast. I was wanting confirmation that Allinone and Yoast were the top plugin choices and it seems that I am on the right track.

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Hi Lynne thanks for your nice question. I have been using several type of SEO plugin for my website. But for me ever best plugin for all in one SEO and next one is Yoast. Why I said all in seo plugin ever best. Because of you will get all SEO features in on single plugin.
For example:
> XML site map support
> Google analytic support
>SEO support on customer post
>?Nonce Security built
>?Support for CMS-style WordPress installations
>?Generates META tags automatically
> Avoids the typical duplicate content
> More convenient to set any META description and any META keywords you want.

And so on, I just wrote few on above. So, why not all in one SEO is the best?

Regards by Ajlancer

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Hi Ajlancer. Thank you for your input. Yes I did notice that Allinone seems to have the most features and that it takes care of a lot for me.

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From my point of view YOST is the very nice plugin for SEO. I use this plugin and in this you will get all the features related to SEO for our websites

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Is YOST typo for Yoast or is it YOST?

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