What do you think about Smart Ads? Debate

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What do you think about Smart Ads?

Smart Ads is an intelligent system which is builded to collect information from people, after collecting needed information this system will use that information to show custom ads based on people preference. But a system like that has pros and cons...


I will see always ads that I’m interested in. And this is very important I think, because I wouldn't like to see fashion ads if I’m searching for tech news(just an example).


A system like that will collect personal information from us, so probably they know everything about us. Also what will happen if the server where they store our information will be in the wrong hand or that information will be used for anything else?

What do you think about smart ads? Please share your thoughts…


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I hate it. I hate ads, smart or not. It feels like all the ads I see are changing along with my own search phrases. Almost simultaneously and that actually scares me a bit. Whatever I search for online, ends up in different ads..

Seriously, I don't really care if my search phrases are being collected by google, but it's still a scary feeling. My phrases are being saved so they can show related ads.. But what are they actually saving? Are they saving my search phrases alone or do they save everything I do?! Who knows?

I have pictures of my family, my girlfriend, personal documents etc.. If I upload this, no matter if I use imgur, facebook, or dropbox.. Is it actually safe?!

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Yeah i know what you're saying. I noticed that, whenever i search for something on facebook, after some minutes i can see only ads related to my search, at first i thought it was coincidence, but after doing some research on internet i learned what was behind those things. I can't say what exactly they are saving but on internet everything is logged.

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I always knew that everything is saved in one way or another, but I've never cared about it. Until these smartads actually. As it was from that point I truly understood that everything I do online is being logged and stored somewhere.. But that's actually not all.. They are using my information too, which is the scary part. If they can use my information so easily as they do with the smartads, who knows what else they can do?!

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I did a Youtube video for my Mommy Blog about my fat mum tum...and when I went to check comments on that video I saw the ads were for Oreos cookies. I found that hilariously funny. These poor fat moms are watching my video to try and get skinny and they are tempted by Oreos. Shame!

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Personally, I don’t think this system works very well. I see lots of Google Adsense advertisement and the ads tends to be stuff I searched on Google. For example, when I search Amazon, I get an ad about Amazon but that is useless because I already been on that site. What use is it to show me an ad on Amazon when I just came from that site? They should make it even smarter by showing ads of Amazon’s competitors. I don’t actually mind them collecting my information as long as it is a reputable site like Google and Facebook.

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As an online buyer it actually freaks me out as I hate being followed. I prefer to spend ages looking for a particular product than to have someone show me an advert for it because my previous searches were sort of stalked. I do not feel okay with it. And as you mentioned since they were able to collect what I searched for, how can I be sure that they did not collect anything else.

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