What are the main responsibility of webmaster?

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What are the main responsibility of webmaster?

Hi I think as a freelancer we are very aware regarding webmaster duties. I am going to discuss something about main duties of webmaster. And I think there has many more responsibilities, I would like to know more.

As per as I think webmaster need to ensure web server working correctly or not. Besides, he need to check is software and hardware operation performance. And a webmaster need to manage website this may including links and database and several function. In addition, he has to knowledge on coding for example html.

And most importance part is marketing capability including SEO. And site promotion by sending email or voice mail etc.

Last but not the least, as a professional webmaster must to adept in Web transaction software, payment-processing software, and security software.

What are still remaining?

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I can't say that a webmaster has more more responsibility than a freelancer. Every job has its own responsibility, less or more it depends by the job. Also, you can be a webmaster even if you don't know coding...

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I don’t necessarily think that webmasters need to know coding because most of the time you can just hire a web developer to do all the coding for you. However, basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP is very useful. Also, if you buy managed hosting, you also don’t need to do any of the server management and software updating; just open a support ticket when you have problems.

I think the key is to improve your website; you want to create something that is unique and useful to other people and this is the key to generating revenue using your website. SEO and marketing is definitely important as that is how you will get traffic over to your website.

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I would consider myself a webmaster since I have around 20 websites. But I can't code or program to save my life lol What are the main responsibility of webmaster?

The term of "webmaster" is pretty vague now a days since a lot of people are starting to work online. I would say a webmaster is more of a digital and online marketer. I don't code or program my own websites because I can use wordpress or shopify to get a website or ecommerce site up and running in a few days. I don't worry about my hosting and servers because, like most people, I put my sites on third party servers managed by hosting companies. So I don't code, program or host my own websites but I still think of myself as a webmaster.

I do it all though, I don't just manage my websites. I will purchase a theme from wordpress, set up my hosting, add my theme to the hosting, configure my theme with images and plugins/add ons that I like, and then I begin the tough work of getting traffic and sales. This is why I consider myself a webmaster and online marketer at the same time.

There are so many turn key solutions out there that it's becoming more and more easy to get a website up. If I can't find what I need in a wordpress theme or something else that is cost affective, I'll hire a designer and programmer to do what I can't. This way I get everything designed and put on my hosting, then bring in the traffic What are the main responsibility of webmaster? You won't be able to do it all, and if you can, you'll fall behind. You need to manage your freelancing as a business and focus on how you can get something done in the quickest amount of time, at the highest quality, without killing your bank account lol.

So am I a webmaster? Yes, but I'd prefer the label of Online Marketer ;)

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The responsibilities of a webmaster eh! Well, paying your hosting fees is probably near the most important responsibility of them all. If you don't pay your hosting fees, your website goes offline or worse, puts a message up saying the account has been suspended for non-payment which would never look good on your reputation! So making sure you pay your hosting fees on time like clockwork is a very important part of webmastering. I wouldn't say that you need to know coding to be a webmaster since most sites let you do things on them or add features to them without having to know much coding but you can always hire a coder for that sort of thing anyway.

Marketing and SEO is definitely a part of running a successful website and it's your responsibility to make sure it's done right and that you do enough of it to make sure your site ranks high so it's actually worth keeping and working on. And all the other things like payment processing or security are all pretty much built into the site and come with user instructions, manuals and guides on how to use them but it will be your responsibility to make sure they are all properly setup and configured and working correctly on your site.

And then there's content creation of course. Content is the life-blood of your site and without it, your site can't rank for old existing and new things. So it's your responsibility as a webmaster to ensure that you are able to regularly add new content. Whether that involves you writing it yourself or getting someone else to write it for you. But it's a responsibility none the less!

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Well I would be a webmaster then What are the main responsibility of webmaster? I never thought of myself as a webmaster before but for 2 of my websites I am the only person that touches them. I can do some very very basic html..but so can some 10 year olds! Other than that no, I can't do any coding.

I build my websites at Wealthy Affiliate now and they take care of the hosting which is cool.

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My idea of a webmaster’s job is the upkeep of the website particularly in the maintenance and uploading of new contents. Do you think the SEO work is also done by the webmaster that it is part of his job? SEO work is not easy and simple since it takes a lot of time and there is also the research and analysis of keywords and backlinks.

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