How to fix dropping number of pages in Google search?

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How to fix dropping number of pages in Google search?

One of my websites is loosing number of pages shown in Google search drastically in last month or two. I have lost over 60% pages listed there and can't figure out why. I have done a lot of offpage SEO and onpage SEO is pretty good. In Google Search Console everything look OK, no errors, no warnings and i run out of ideas how to fix this and improve it.

There is only one issue at search console (if that can be an issue) that i submitted my website with http:// while my website is redirecting to https:// and all listed pages in Google search appear as https://www....

I really need some good advice if you have idea what i should do!!!


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Has anything changed with your website? Did you start using wordpress and then go to a custom coding or vice versa?
This could result in a page index drop because now your code is slightly different and Google may be trying to evaluate you more before pushing you to the top of the rankings again.

Have you changed any of the code to your headers, footers or other static pages?
Even slight edits can affect an entire website How to fix dropping number of pages in Google search?

Have you moved over to a new hosting company?
This will guarantee that your rankings drop a bit because you're changing your IP and you may be a little slower than your previous hosting company.

Did you use to have a dedicated IP and now you're on a shared IP?
If so, you may see a drop in rankings because now there are multiple websites on the same IP address.

Did you edit anything that has to do with your robots.txt file?
If you were playing around with it you could have messes something up and when Google came back to spider your pages they weren't allowed to. This will slowly result in a loss in indexed pages in their search results.

Was your site down for a while?
Sometimes when a website goes down for a while, whether it be for maintenance or a hosting problem, Google will begin to remove your listings from their search results because they want to show only websites and pages that are active.

If you haven't done any of the above, what else could have gone wrong?

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Well none of these happened recently. Long ago i changed website from WordPress to custom code and after that number of indexed pages boosted very fast from 2000+ to 80000+ pages in Google search, while in last month or so dropped bit under 30K pages and going down. It worries me because i don't know how far it will go, will it stop and will it improve, but nothing changed on site and i am not sure if some of SEO packages i bought here ruined it, but website is maintaining good DA / PA rates

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If you suddenly lost lots of indexed pages, then that is a sign that you have a penguin penalty. As you mentioned that at one point, you have increase the number of indexed pages from 2000 to 80000 and this is not good for SEO as google will think these pages are spammy or automatically created. That is 40 times more pages than you originally had. By a long time ago, how long was it? If it was a very long time, then this is unlikely to be the cause but there is definitely something wrong. Did you create a high number of backlinks recently?

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