Do you use WHOIS privacy protection?

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Do you use WHOIS privacy protection?

WHOIS privacy protection replaces your personal information on your domain with WHOIS contact information. This is useful if you would not like to disclose your personal information but this usually costs a yearly fee. I personal use WHOIS privacy protection on all my domains because I don’t like leaving my information available to the public. Of course there are advantages without WHOIS protection. For example, people can contact you if they want to buy your domain and you could be missing some good offers using WHOIS protection.

Do you use WHOIS privacy protection? Do you think it is worth paying for it every year?


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I use whois privacy protection on all my domains Do you use WHOIS privacy protection? I really don't like my personal information out there for everyone to see.

Using a whois privacy protection is one of the best ways to keep your information a secret because let's say you use godaddy and pay for the yearly $7.99 domain privacy you'll see your information show up as for all your contact emails. People will still be able to contact you since everything is forwarded, and people do this pretty often. I get at lease 3 emails a week from people sending me either spam or actually interested in talking. I just got an email maybe 2 days ago from someone pitching a service to me and I started talking to them through my actual support email. After a few emails back and forth I decided to sign up and I'm even partnering with the guy on a new website to see if we can make a few bucks on it Do you use WHOIS privacy protection?

I'd recommend using domain privacy protection so if anyone does a WHOIS search they won't see your personal information. The only reasno I can see someone not using it is if they are running one website and everything is set up with their business information. By keeping your business information easy to find through a WHOIS search you'll probably get a lot more spam, but if you're targeting online marketers or web designers it will give them an easy way to contact you if they don't get a response from your support system. And if they see you're an actual business they'll be more willing to partner on projects. This is a long shot though, I still mask all my information Do you use WHOIS privacy protection?

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I have made my settings private. It was just recommended to me to to it that way. I am not sure whether it was the best thing to do or not but I respect the opinion of the person that suggested it so that's what I did. Do you use WHOIS privacy protection?

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I think the cost for WHOIS privacy protection can be considered minimal compared to the benefits it can offer. The fact that your information is not out there for eveyrone to see is enough to me.
Privacy protection will hide personal contact information of domain owners. Since anyone can access the internet, then anyone could potentially have access to your phone number, postal address and email address. Your personal info is more secure and you would be protected from spammers and con artists. This becomes increasingly important if the website includes certain topics that arouse debate. It also adds an extra level of security as a prevention against domain hijacking.

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Yes I use domain privacy because I don't want to be bombarded with calls and mail and email with people trying to sell me stuff. Also there are a lot of crazies out there and about 5 or 6 years ago I had a website and I made a crazy mad on the internet and he threatened to kill me and my family. The only way I got rid of him is I told him I have your IP and if you don't leave me alone I am going to the police.

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