When to Apply for Adsense?

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When to Apply for Adsense?

I want to know that how much traffic you need to apply for Adsense. I have site that has traffic of about 200 unique visitors daily should I apply for Adsense?


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Traffic have nothing to do with adsense, you can apply any time.

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Adsense has some generic rules and then there are some country specific rules. For example, these days Adsense demands domain registered for 1 year and also content which is around 1000 words or so. I think that way many people have managed to have a good amount of views. And if your domain is old. Then getting approval to the adsense is not that hard. You just have to find out if it has enough views. Because that adds up in adsense.

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Actually, you could apply for adsense even if your domain is just around 6 months old. The traffic is not that important when you're going to apply for adsense. What's important is that you have at least 10 high quality articles posted on your site. Again, that is, at least 10. It is better if you have more quality content posted.

When I say quality content, I'm talking about articles that are well written and have a word count of 500 to 1,000 words per article or more. This content should be original and not be copied from elsewhere else. Remember, you're still applying for adsense and you need to provide a good first impression to Google.

To be able to generate 10 high quality articles, you should first create a website that truly interests you. This would allow you to generate more ideas which in turn could be made into articles. Good luck on your journey, and I hope that you will be approved. When to Apply for Adsense?

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Google Adsense Terms of Use does not mention anything on how much traffic you need before you can apply for adsense. However, Adsense expects that your website should be already getting regular traffic. In some countries, for instance India, you will have to wait for at least 6 months after the launching of your website before you can apply for adsense account.
The basic requirements for adsense are
Quality, Unique, and Original contents
Contents properly optimized for search engines
Enough contents on the website
Contents that do not vuilate Adsense policy (no gambling, drugs, porn, weapons etc._
Good design, easy to navigate
About, Contact and Privacy Policy pages

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Some comments above said that the amount of traffic has nothing to do with Adsense application. When my husband applied for his Adsense account using his blog, it was not approved because it has little traffic so he used their office website which was getting a thousand hits in a month. When the Adsense account was approved he included his blog in the Adsense program by injecting the Adsense codes.

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