9 Legit Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers

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9 Legit Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers

Guys, here goes the legit ways to get you more Twitter followers.

#1 Leverage Your Blog
Already own a blog or website? Let others know that you’re on Twitter. Add a Twitter follow button to every one of your blog posts.

The Follow button allows users to follow your account directly from your blog where the button is installed. When users click this button, they can follow you on Twitter. Here is the instruction on how to add a twitter button to your blog/website

#2 Show Your Profile Everywhere
Got Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube? Put links to your twitter profile.

Don’t forget your email signature and your online community signature, too. Are you doing guest posts? Include it in your bio link.

#3 Tweet Often
Tweet often and you’ll see that people will find you and follow you. On days I tweet more, I tend to get more followers.

#4 Use Hashtags
Start using hashtags in your tweets.

#5 Tweet Quality Content
Provide your followers and potential followers with quality content. It’s the same as posting on Facebook: you tend to get more shares and likes when you post quality content.

#6 Tweet Pictures
Pictures are heavily retweeted. Pictures with a quote are extremely heavily retweeted.

#7 Pay Attention To The Top Guns
Follow top twitter users in your niche. Pay attention to the type of content they tweet. Do what they do.

#8 Timing Your Tweets
Buffer, a soial media management tool, analyzed over 4.8 million tweets across 10,000 profiles. Here is what they found:
- Early morning tweets receive the most clicks
- Evenings tweets receive the most retweets.

Use tools like Buffer and Tweroid to time your tweets.

#9 Don’t Buy Fake Twitter Followers
Use legit follower-getting tools instead. Tools like help you grow your following. Using keywords, hashtags and locations, tools like Narrow identify your target audience and attract relevant users to your profile

Which of these work best for you?

Let's share your opinion and thought below.


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Good tips. This is more about maintaining Twitter profile and there is lot more tactics to get more, real followers, but this is good enough to make people engaging with you on Twitter 9 Legit Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers

A lot of people spending most of the time on Facebook, while Twitter was my best marketing social media for many years... Why is Twitter better then Facebook for me? 9 Legit Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers Well.... Twitter have very powerful API system and tweets spread on internet over millions of websites, not just Twitter, while not so many people sharing Facebook posts outside of Facebook. So i always suggest Twitter over Facebook. There is other reasons too, but, everyone have it's own ways ;)

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Nice tips. But I am not sure if these tips are not shared before.

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very good tips the right way is to build it slowly and legit way just not buy it here fake for cheap and later complain the followers dropped

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Wow.. really impressive tips and real factor get get real twitter.
But I use hootsuite to scheduled my quality content ... I am scheduling 10 post per day by hoosuite and I am getting daily many real following retweet etc

Thanks for great tutorial

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Yes from my point of view also twitter is more Powerfull than Facebook.

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Thanks , great tips!

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I will always go for quality tweets because Twitter users and other social media network users have their attention on something interesting. That is the reason why the word “meme” was invented to mean that it has nothing in it. When your tweet is interesting and informative then the other Tweeters will notice your tweet and will have the tendency to follow you.

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All excellent tips. I know they work because I've tried them all except for using Google has a tool called Feedburner. You can use it to create an RSS feed and then you can share the links via Twitter. It's an automated process, very easy to use and it's free.

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