SEO, SMO Mobile Seach Engine Optimization how to rank keywords molbile reach

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SEO, SMO Mobile Seach Engine Optimization how to rank keywords molbile reach

Hello everyone and always great to be sharing on SEO Clerks as a long history with this great resource for what we all base our lives around SEO.

So everyone understands that without Mobile SEO your websites missing 75% of its traffic, unless its a desktop based website, a desktop based website is a site most would only reach using a Desktop and if your trying to think of one that falls under that column your not going to find many so listen up an an always focus on mobile SEO, I dont claim to know it all but I have some useful tips, please SEO Friendly this post to show thanks for the content and time put into this, in order to have it shared on our resource spot online SEO Clerks.

Tips for moble websites

To Large of Content for Site.
Make sure your content is not bigger then your website, even if its in just one spot you must be aware of this because google does not want to provide their users with a website that is unusable by mobile, thats bad for them an their needs from you because 50% of the time the to large spot is a custom menu made for the Action Button of your main page an so users on a phone, tablet wont see this as will desk top users.

Links Clustered together is Harmful to Mobile SEO an SEO
Having links clustered together causes crashes onsite for mobile users, an it also adds to a slow load time so make sure to avoid this disaster thats easy to do, space them out with content, small keywords wrote into a welcoming piece of content for your page, do anything to space them out, this does not have effect in widget area's because its expected however do not put to much, its expected to load some closely linked content mostly in the widget area and the tab menu spots but on page link cluster is what is the stay away zone here.

Keyword Phrases are Shortened on Mobile.
Mobile searchs tend to be shorter keyphrases, some searches are even just for keywords. Most small mobile devices with QWERTY keyboards are awkward for typing long texts and this is the reason why mobile searchers usually are very brief in their search queries.

Most Mobile traffic is local, so targeting these local Keyword FIRST is important as google is a ladder platform algorithm in the sense of PR ranking as its 1 to 9 system of ranking, not speaking of the algorithm it self but to focus on how once you become a hit in your local city, you become a nationwide because google is comfortable with providing you top search results because they know its good results for their clients. (However its good to build with one or two outside traffic sources, if you have legit traffic sources then always use these to build your rank of course but if you depending on just search your best bet is to start local then once your known an strong in searches an history rich traffic scores then change them to broader places of clientele sources)

Add website to Mobile Search Engine Directory's.
Google, Yahoo and Bing are among the top ones to submit but dont forget about sites like Duck Duck Go, ChaCha, Topsy and Blecko. Another good one is Wolfram Alpha an they provide tons of tools to help with understanding whats needed for Mobile, they are pretty awesome an have started a new way of search

Use tools given from Google to check your websites Mobile SEO such as Google Mobile Keyword Test also use search engines like Wolfram Alpha to get better idea an know how or check back on SEO Clerks an following me on here.

Meta.txt Useful, For awhile this tool really lost its worth however with Googles campaign on Mobile search its become very needed for your sites ranking on mobile search results, we know the top 3 is the top 10 because people dont scroll that far down, so add short keyword phrases to your meta.text an make sure your sites meta.txt is up to par.
Use Purpose driven hits,
Everytime you use a phone to hit your site on search engines your creating search history an search history is important in future ranking so use every mobile device to new ips even also while logged in from different email accounts for Gmail, this helps big time an also you can use sites provided by SEO Clerks to do this for you, an have them search your site and click it, not just submit the domain name in but instead search keywords, find your website an click on it, follow the sites path to sales and leave it sit long enough to provide more then just a impression this is purpose drive hits.

If you have any questions leave them and I will respond, if your in need of any SEO work or website development contact me, I work for alot of investors and if your wanting to start a site with a passive income then choosing our company is your best route because we dont build sites without monthly incomes the size of investment into site design we are that good, an really its more so the need for services, products an things to buy in the ever growing online markets for mobile phones, just send me a message me about more info.

Thank You Everyone for Likeing, sharing and following my content or adding to watch list as I will add more tips as the days pass, you wont be able to find anywhere else thats for sure as well tips that are wrote with a type of wisdom to them, I write my tips so that you see it through my eyes that are inteligent in the source, so you may get a tip from the way I explain another tip and I hope that it helps in your success to becoming successful and having a passive income so please Like and Share Thanks! Dont forget to comment!


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hi QuantumDon
Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial.very nice...

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Yes, It's really nice information.

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Nice info. Thank you for your time to write or copy it! ;)

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great info yes i agree the mobile traffic is the future now google will not rank any website that not support mobile also the mobile smart phone is very used more than pc

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Nice info. Thank you for your time to write or copy it! ;)

Yes Mobile SEO its easier to copy and paste what you already now, Search Engine Optimization into mobile is the new world of internet heck its easier to be searching while doing it, the fact that the info here is what im going for, thanks for your compliment.

Also I know that some people are not happy about be putting new tips out I know that alot of SEO agents get aggravated over that because small methods can make or break traffic levels in any niche just about, I will numb them down as i go like an share the basics one and I will edit it.

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One line says keywords phrases are shortened on mobile. I am getting the impression that the search engine for mobile is not the same as the search engine version of the computer browser. Pardon my ignorance because I am not well versed with technical. I have learned recently that mobile browsers now dominate the internet hence websites are agog over being responsive for purposes of traffic.

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